Dr Ben Carson Rolls Out Comprehensive Plan To Defeat Global Jihad

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Dr. Ben Carson, the renowned retired neurosurgeon and Republican candidate for President, just unveiled a comprehensive plan to defeat the Islamic State (IS) terror group.

His “We The People” plan presents “A strategy to eliminate the threat from radical Islamic terrorism.”

Describing the Islamic State as the most “urgent foreign policy priority” facing the United States, Carson warns the U.S. currently has no “coherent strategy” to defeat the jihadi terror outfit

“14 years after 9/11,” the United States still has no plan to take our “transnational organization that wage jihad” against us, he adds.

American can no longer stand to see the group retain unfettered access to multiple regions throughout the globe, where IS grabs territory and proceeds to “enslave young girls, oppress civil societies and perpetrate terrorist attacks against the United States,” Carson said.

There are elements of Islam that “fuel the terrorists’ wrath and pose a threat to the United States and the civilized world,” the statement says in criticizing the Obama administration for refusing to name the jihadist enemy.

“While acknowledging that Islam is a complex religion, we must recognize that among its radical adherents, Islam requires conversion, submission or death for those who worship differently,” his strategy adds. Though the United States must hone in on the jihadi elements of Islam, and not trample upon the “peaceful and tolerant worship of God,” Carson says.

Even if America succeeds in taking out the Islamic State, the threat from global Islamic terrorism will still remain alive, his strategy explains in stating: “The Islamist threat is now like a hydra, and cutting off the head that is [Islamic State] will not kill the beast.” The retired neurosurgeon pledges to “wage war against radical Islamic terrorism as a global movement, not just as discrete entities.”

Three principles are key to defeating the global jihad, Carson explains. They are: “focusing the national will, engaging the threat at its source and protecting the American way of life.”

“Just as the United States opposed the spread of Communism in every form and in every place, it must now oppose the spread of the terrorists’ supremacist, totalitarian and radical Islamism whenever and wherever it arises,” he adds.

Muslim leaders both inside and outside of the United States will have a decision to make: “they must choose between radical jihad and peaceful coexistence,” Carson says in his strategy memo.

“A Carson administration will work toward a more peaceful and secure world that is free from the threat of radical jihad for generations to come,” he concludes. “Under my leadership, America will be stronger and safer, and will resume its rightful role of leading the world.”


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