Donald Trump, Jr.: My Father Won’t ‘Let Anyone Push Him Around,’ Or This Country

AP Photo/Jim Cole
AP Photo/Jim Cole
Washington, DC

GOP frontrunner Donald Trump’s son Donald Trump, Jr. joined Breitbart News Daily on SiriusXM and told host Stephen K. Bannon that his father is a “hardworking guy” and won’t let anyone push him — or this country — around.

“He’s not going to let anyone push him around,” Trump said, adding that he won’t let anyone push the country around either, and that’s why he decided not to attend the Fox News debate and hold a fundraiser for veterans instead.

The real estate mogul said Fox News released a “wise guy” press release that ultimately influenced his decision to boycott the debate.

Trump told Bannon that his father is “a hard working guy” that made sure he raised his children to stay grounded.

“What could have happened to us in a place like New York City…I think we’re one of the few people in those circumstances who understand how fortunate we are,” Trump said of growing up wealthy, adding his father had them start working at a young age.

“He made sure we were well-educated, that we respected people, that we saw the other side of the world,” Trump said, adding that he has friends in Iowa and visits Iowa often to hunt, saying he tends to be a blue collar guy at heart.”

“He’s a blue collar guy with a big balance sheet,” he added about his father.

“His ideal night isn’t going to some black tie nonsense,” but instead watching a ball game, Trump added of his father.