National Prayer Breakfast: Obama Preaches Against Gospel of Fear

WASHINGTON, DC - FEBRUARY 04: U.S. President Barack Obama delivers remarks at the National Prayer Breakfast on February 4, 2016 in Washington, DC. The National Prayer Breakfast is in it's 63rd year. (Photo by Shawn Thew - Pool/Getty Images)
Shawn Thew - Pool/Getty Images

President Obama warned Americans to stay away from fear, as the world grows more troubled under his leadership.

During his speech at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington D.C. this morning, Obama spoke about the dangers of the “primal emotion” of fear – and how to combat it with faith.

“Fear does funny things. Fear can lead us to lash out against those who are different, or lead us to try to get some sinister ‘other’ under control,” he said, alluding to anti-Muslim and anti-refugee sentiment in the country.

Obama added that fear was a “primal emotion” that could destroy community and feed mankind’s “selfish impulses.”

“If we let it consume us, the consequences of that fear can be worse than any outward threat,” he said.

Obama announced that faith was the best way to defeat fear.

“For me, and I know for so many of you, faith is a great cure for fear,” he said. “Jesus is a good cure for fear.”

He declared that Jesus helped Americans stand up “not just to our enemies but to our friends” and helped Christians to be more tolerant and accepting.

Obama cited the recent terrorist attacks and the mass shootings in America as proof that evil was in the world, striking fear into hearts of many.

“Like every president, like every leader, like every person, I’ve known fear,” Obama said. “But my faith tells me that I need not fear death, that acceptance of Christ promises everlasting life and the washing away of sins.”

As he concluded his speech, Obama prayed for more humble politicians, perhaps referring to his presidential successor.

“I pray that our leaders will always act with humility and generosity,” he said.


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