Shame on ABC, RNC for Excluding Carly Fiorina!

Carly Fiorina at Colorado Debate AP

If I were Carly Fiorina, I would march down to St. Anselm’s College Institute of Politics in Manchester, New Hampshire on Saturday night, storm right onto that stage, and demand I be given a podium at the GOP Debate.

Not only is Fiorina the only female candidate in the crowded Republican field of male presidential contenders, but unlike at least one of those onstage, Fiorina has actually earned her place, having won a delegate in this week’s Iowa caucuses.

Several other Republican candidates have protested on her behalf, but ABC is ignoring them.

Once again, we are letting the mainstream media control our nomination process–the same media that will, come the general election, amplify the Democrats’ “war on women” attacks.

Republicans must insist that ABC include Carly Fiorina
participate in Saturday night debate

— Jack Welch (@jack_welch) February 5, 2016

Fiorina did not finish in the top three in Iowa, but she was just behind former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (2.8%), virtually tied with Ohio Gov. John Kasich (1.9%), and ahead of Gov. New Jersey Chris Christie (1.8%).

Christie did not win a single delegate in Iowa, yet was extended an invitation to participate in the ABC News debate in spite of that fact. Fiorina did, and she was left out.

Christie is only slightly ahead of Fiorina in the polls in New Hampshire–but everyone knows that polls don’t win elections. Voters, and delegates, do.

What is even more alarming to me is the fact that two public and powerful women will be on tomorrow’s debate panel. Martha Raddatz of ABC News is one of the moderators, and conservative pundit and Fox News contributor Mary Katherine Ham will be asking the candidates additional questions.

I ask the two women on tomorrow night’s panel: Don’t you want to have a strong, smart, powerful, influential woman, who is a role model and has achieved so much in her career, up there representing you, too?

I believe it’s an injustice to women in America, and throughout the world, to let Hillary Clinton be the sole female representative in this historic political race.

Fiorina has proven her mettle. Her performance at the very first undercard debate last summer earned her a spot at the “big boys'” table, and she has left her impact in every single debate since.

When she was excluded by CNN from the main stage soon afterwards, she protested–and won. There is absolutely no reason why ABC should not follow suit.

I am not asking that Christie be excluded. I am demanding that Fiorina be included.

I am not asking ABC News to make a special case. I am demanding that ABC, and the Republican National Committee, treat Fiorina fairly.

ABC, RNC: America is watching.

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