Trump: Cruz Has ‘Mental Problems,’ ‘a Liar’

Tuesday on Fox Business Network’s “Mornings with Maria,” Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump criticized his opponent Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX).

Trump has taken issue with some of the claims Cruz has made about his policy positions, including on health care and gun rights. Trump insisted Cruz was lying and when on to declare he had “mental problems.”

“[C]ruz is the one that does the personal attacks on me,” Trump said. “He — there has never been any politician or almost anybody in my life that I have seen that lies so much. He will — he will say I’m against the Second Amendment. He will say I am against — that I’m totally in favor of ObamaCare, which is ridiculous. These are things that are staples of what I’m about. I’m totally in favor of the Second Amendment. You know that because you’ve seen the speeches. I want the Second Amendment. I’d strengthen it if anything. He says, Donald Trump is either way. He’ll just say things off the cuff. ObamaCare, I’m absolutely, totally going to repeal it or replace it. And Ted Cruz says, ‘Oh, he’s a big fan of ObamaCare.’ You know, he is a disgrace, he is a liar.”

“So, what I say — and by the way, I’m not the only one to say that. Marco Rubio called him a liar during the debate,” Trump added. “That’s worst than what I said. But Marco Rubio actually had it with him when he called him a liar during — Ted Cruz is — he’s serious — he’s got a mental problem. Ted Cruz is a liar. He’s got a problem. He is a liar. I have never seen anybody to that extent.”

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