Leftwing Professor Calls Campus Police on ‘Fascist’ Conservative Student Group

CSULA sign

An assistant professor in the sociology department at California State University Los Angeles (CSULA) reportedly tore down flyers placed on a hallway bulletin board by a conservative student group and called campus police as he accused the student group of “death threats” he had received.

Dr. Robert Weide called members of Young America’s Foundation (YAF) “fascists” and claimed the intent of their flyers was to “intimidate” him, reports Amy Lutz, a YAF program officer.

After ripping down the group’s flyers, Weide told Lutz and a student that he was calling campus security and said the two could leave or stay, but that if they chose to leave he would “follow us.”

Lutz continues:

Dr. Weide alerted an administrator in the sociology department to talk to us as we were waiting for campus security. We proceeded to tell her that we didn’t know that we weren’t allowed to post flyers without department authorization. Dr. Weide, however, continued to tell this administrator that we were “intimidating him” by putting up flyers. Throughout the course of this conversation, Dr. Weide repeatedly tried to get our names and IDs, which we declined to provide. I for one, felt very unsafe during the interaction and didn’t want to give Dr. Weide any method of tracking me down while I was on campus.

As the conversation progressed, the sociology administrator actually had to tell Dr. Weide to “calm down” numerous times, for he was getting visibly angrier as time went on. By this point, I was hoping campus security would arrive, as I didn’t feel save [sic] in Dr. Weide’s presence. Many college students today want “safe spaces” to protect them from “scary” ideas. I wanted a literal safe space to protect us from Dr. Weide.

Lutz reports that campus security “rebuffed” Weide’s charge that the YAF staff member and the student were “threatening” him. They directed the two not to place the flyers on the bulletin board and dismissed them.

She continues that Weide placed the following quote on his office door the next day: “The best response to a micro-aggression is macro-aggression.”

“Dr. Weide has contended that YAF supporters are threatening him (but has failed to produce evidence), so he’s decided to threaten them back,” Lutz writes. “What actions will the university take regarding a reckless professor who has no regard or respect for free speech?”

Several weeks ago, YAF reported Weide referred to CSULA’s YAF chapter as “white supremacists,” and invited the conservative student group to “engage in a physical fight with him and compared conservatives to Hitler…”

YAF recently tapped Breitbart News senior editor-at-large Ben Shapiro to tour college campuses around the country to confront the resurgent campus radical left.

Some CSULA students claimed YAF’s decision to bring Shapiro to the campus was a threat to their “mental health.”


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