Grassroots Activist, IRS Scandal Whistleblower Becky Gerritson Challenges Establishment Incumbent in Alabama Congressional Race

Becky Gerritson

Tea Party activist Becky Gerritson joined Breitbart News Executive Chairman Steven K. Bannon on Breitbart News Daily to discuss her upcoming primary contest against Alabama Rep. Martha Roby — a race which could be a bellwether for other down ticket races of grassroots insurgent candidates vs. establishment incumbents in 2016.

Gerritson, who is challenging Roby on Super Tuesday in Alabama’s 2nd Congressional District, was driven to run by Roby’s weak voting record.

“[Roby] is rated an F by every major conservative organization,” Gerritson reminds Bannon. “She has funded everything that Obama has wanted. This is a very conservative district and it is time for her to go.”

Gerritson said she became politically active after the bailouts of Wall Street firms following the financial crisis. She founded the Wetumpka Tea Party and became an active grass roots organizer throughout Alabama.

Gerritson’s organization was then targeted by the IRS as part of its alleged effort to single-out conservative organizations applying for non-profit status. As a result of the inappropriate actions by the IRS, Gerritson was invited to testify before Congress.

Rep. Martha Roby was first elected during the Tea Party wave year of 2010, defeating Democrat Rep. Bobby Bright. At the time, Roby ran as a staunch conservative, receiving endorsements and support from former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and Sarah Palin.

Since her election, Roby has become a reliable ally of House Republican leadership.

“She comes from a political family,” Gerritson said about her opponent Roby. “It was expected of her growing up, that she would run for office.”

Gerritson has picked up support from conservative icon Phyllis Schafely, as well as Herman Cain and Allen West. She has been endorsed by Citizens United and the Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund. Roby has backing from the US Chamber of Commerce.

The primary is March 1. While almost all the political attention is consumed by the Presidential contest, there are several primary races around the country that could topple some Republican incumbents and add new conservative voices to Congress.

In many ways, how these races are decided can be just as important as the Presidential primary contest. Any President advocating for changing Washington will need a strong block of reform voices in Congress to be successful.

The Gerritson-Roby primary contest will help determine whether Congress is touched by the voter frustration that has marked the Presidential contest.

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