Ben Stein: ‘Terrifying’ But I’m Not Even Sure Hillary Can Beat ‘Disaster’ Trump

Monday on CNN’s “Newsroom,” while discussing a protest at Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s rally in Virginia today, former speechwriter Nixon and Ford speechwriter, actor and author Ben Stein said while Trump is “not racist,” he is a “cult figure” that is “terrifying” and “will be a disaster.” However, he added it is too late and Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton can’t beat him.

Stein said, “I will say with with regard to the Black Lives Matter demonstration at Radford University, every single time these guys shout “Black Lives Matter,” that’s 1,000 more votes for Donald Trump. Donald Trump is no racist. It’s a ridiculous thing to call him an anti-black racist. Every time they shout and interrupt him, it makes white people want to vote for him. I suspect. I don’t know. I haven’t polled anyone. George Wallace used to say every —and George Wallace was a big segregationist, he said, every time you interrupt me, that’s 100,000 more votes for him. At this point, I don’t think Donald Trump can be stopped and I think these demonstrators have pushed him into a commanding front-runner position.”

When asked what this means for Republican Party in four years, Stein said, “Terrifying. Terrifying. Very, very upsetting. But the party has declined culturally. The party has gotten to be not the party that it used to be. I’ll still support it of course. But it will be a disaster. I’m very scared of Mr. Trump. I’m terrified of him…He is a real cult figure. He is the voice of George Wallace of our era without being a racist.  He is the voice of the ordinary citizen standing in line at the Walmart. And he is going to be a figure to be reckoned with. I’m not even sure Hillary can beat him. He is the voice of the unspoken unwashed voice of the people coming down from the hollers and they are very angry.”

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