Ted Cruz Says Marco Rubio ‘Does Not Have Any Viable Path‘ To Beat Trump

Florida Senator Marco Rubio (R) looks on Texas Senator Ted Cruz speaks during the Republic
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Sen. Ted Cruz suggests that Florida Senator Marco Rubio should suspend his campaign for the GOP nomination after Super Tuesday results roll in.

“He is a very talented individual, but Marco does not have any viable path whatsoever to beat Donald Trump,” Cruz told radio host Mike Gallagher.

Cruz — the only candidate other than Trump to win a state — pointed out that establishment favorite Rubio has yet to win one state and is expected to wake up Wednesday morning having still won no states after Super Tuesday. This one day constitutes the largest one-day block of states voting in the primary season.

“In all likelihood today he is not anticipating winning any states. In all likelihood he will lose every single Super Tuesday state. And even in his home state of Florida he is 20 points down.”

Gallagher asked Cruz if he was calling on Rubio to drop out should the Florida candidate come in first in any Super Tuesday state.

I do think tomorrow morning, where we’ll likely to be Mike, is Donald Trump will have a whole bunch of delegates. I think I’m likely to have a whole bunch of delegates and I think there will be a huge drop off with all the other candidates. Tomorrow morning if a candidate is sitting there having won zero states, if a candidate is sitting there with very, very few delegates, I do think what today will do is help narrow the field. We need to get to a one-on-one battle with Donald Trump. Head to head with Donald Trump, not only do I beat him, but I beat him resoundingly by 16 points, 56 to 40.

Cruz asserted that Trump has a “hard ceiling of 35 to 40 per cent. He’s benefitting from a fractured field.” He went on to suggest that that candidate that has won no states and few delegates then “I do think it is worth the candidate thinking about coming together and uniting.”

“Donald Trump being the nominee would be a disaster for conservatives,” Cruz said.

Rubio came in third in Iowa, fifth in New Hampshire, a small fraction of one percent ahead of Cruz for second in South Carolina and little more than two percent ahead of Cruz in Nevada. In each state Rubio came in behind Trump. Cruz came in first in Iowa and third in New Hampshire.

Trump is out in front in the delegate count with 82, Cruz sits in second with 17 and Rubio is in a close third with 16.

“There is only one campaign that has beaten and that can beat Donald Trump,” Cruz said on the Tuesday radio program.

Cruz benefits in Texas from early voting. Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick — a Cruz supporter — told Breitbart News the night of the Nevada caucus that potentially 60 per cent of Texas voters may have voted as of last Friday as many of the GOP presidential candidates had been focused on other early primary and caucus states Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada.

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