WaPo’s Milbank: Hillary Must Make Elizabeth Warren Her Running Mate

Tuesday on MSNBC, Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank speculated on who he thought could be the best prospective running mate for Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton.

In order solidify the populist wing of the Democratic Party, Milbank suggested Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) would be Clinton’s best bet and could prevent Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump from taking that share of the electorate.

“It’s our job as journalists to get ahead of ourselves,” Milbank said. “She may not want to do that, but we’re completely free to do that. I think Tad Devine and others are right in saying she needs to appeal to young voters, she needs to appeal to those disaffected white working class voters. Bernie may be able to do that, but you know who does that better than anybody is Elizabeth Warren. She was Bernie Sanders before Bernie Sanders was this sensation. She was the progressive populists really wanted to run. She is, in retrospect, if you look at this campaign and how well Bernie sanders has done, she probably would have beaten Hillary Clinton given the energy that might she might have done. She is a more charismatic speaker. It could be very effective. There are other names, Sherrod Brown, if you want to solidify the populist blue collar base for the Democrats and particularly not let Donald Trump steal it, assuming he winds up being the nominee.”

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