Don Lemon on Fields Incident: ‘Inconclusive Evidence’

On Friday’s “CNN Tonight,” Daily Caller senior editor Jamie Weinstein said “You have to be a total conspiracy theorist” to believe Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski did not assault Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields.

Weinstein said, “She says, and as Ben Terris, the Washington Post reporter who was there, who reported on the incident, he saw it in full view. Obviously, she was asking the question, when she got pulled from behind. Is that, she was asking a question to Donald Trump on affirmative action last Tuesday, and while she was doing so, she suddenly felt a big pull from behind, almost fell to the ground, didn’t quite fall. She felt a very hard hand clasp that bruised her arm. Afterwards, as you know Don, the Trump campaign threw out a lot of excuses, first saying it never happened, then trying to do character assassination, saying that she’s just attention seeking, then we heard from Katrina Pierson that it may have happened, but it certainly wasn’t Corey Lewandowski, but if you follow the events today, all of this has been proven wrong. You have video showing it was Corey Lewandowski. We have audio. You have to be a total conspiracy theorist now to believe that this did not occur. The evidence has been born out.”

Anchor Don Lemon added that CNN’s video of the incident “appears to show Lewandowski reaching for Michelle Fields’ arm.” But “It’s inconclusive to the naked eye.”

Lemon further explained, “[Y]ou don’t see directly, him pulling her, or to what extent, if there was a force of him pulling her.” And “There is no denying that that is Corey Lewandowski. … That is him in the video.”

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