ACU Chairman: Republican Pundits ‘Hate’ Donald Trump, Will Fight Him All the Way to Convention

Donald-Trump Gerald Herbert AP
Gerald Herbert/AP

On Breitbart News Daily Tuesday morning, American Conservative Union chairman Matt Schlapp told Breitbart News executive chairman and host Stephen K. Bannon that a significant faction of the Republican party harbors near-pathological hatred for frontrunner Donald Trump and will fight him all the way to the convention.

Schlapp said:

I think if Trump wins Florida, which is likely–every poll’s got him with a double-digit lead–and then if he ekes out a win in Ohio and gets all of those delegates, I’ve got to think he’s broken the back of his opponents and this thing is just…I don’t think it will be over, but I think because there’s fight in those folks that just hate Donald Trump, and they’re going to fight him all the way to Cleveland, and he needs to understand that.

“I did some media yesterday with conservative Republican pundits, and there is a level of animosity towards Trump that’s just illogical to me,” he stated, adding, “I think it’ll calm down between now and Cleveland if he continues to win, but it is there, it is real, and they need to understand that.”

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