Pete Hoekstra: Kasich Now Guaranteed a Say in Who Gets the GOP Nomination

Ohio Gov. John Kasich greets supporters at Baldwin Wallace University March 15, 2015 in Berea, Ohio. Kasich won the Ohio primary tonight. (Photo by
Jeff Swensen/Getty Images
Washington, DC

Former Congressman Pete Hoekstra agrees with Breitbart News Daily host Stephen K. Bannon that Gov. John Kasich’s win in Ohio last night is significant and ensures that Kasich will now have a say in terms of who ultimately gets the GOP’s presidential nomination in 2016.

“They counted him out, or counted him down very much in this race. But I’m familiar with John. I worked with him when he led the effort to balance the budget. John will just grind it out and he will get to where he wants to go,” said Hoekstra.

He went to to say that Kasich’s biggest selling points are that he is a conservative who has shown the leadership to actually deliver results. “He led the effort to balance the budget. He led the effort to reform an entitlement, welfare reform in the nineties. He led the effort to build a strong economy by cutting taxes and cutting regulations. He did it in Washington. He’s done it in Ohio,” said Hoekstra.

“John doesn’t have to talk about what he wants to do,” he went on, “John’s got a good track record of what he has accomplished and how he’s accomplished those things within a conservative framework.”

Hoekstra also stressed that it’s not only what Kasich has done but how it has benefited people, “rising incomes, more jobs and those types of things,” he said.

“John’s not about the hype. John’s about substance,” he concluded.

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