Tommy DiMassimo, Man Who Rushed Donald Trump, Is More Buffoon than Bully

Tommy DiMassimo in Custody Reuters

The man who rushed at Donald Trump, Tommy DiMassimo, was a promising child actor who has transformed into a full-time leftist blowhard.

DiMassimo went from playing a sick kid on the once-popular police parody TV-show Reno 911, to a sadistic social justice warrior who makes low-budget rap videos about brutal cops.

“I have to bully the bully,” DiMassimo, 22, of Fairborn, Ohio said, describing his determination to attack Trump. But DiMassimo hurtling a barricade to dive past disciplined Secret Service agents wasn’t a profile in bravery; it was the latest attempt for glory by a serial attention-seeker.

When he’s not stomping on the America flag on left-wing college campuses, DiMassimo is burning the Confederate flag in front of 500 contained pro-Confederacy demonstrators. If DiMassimo is trying to “bully the bully,” he’s doing it wrong.

Being a brave “bully” would mean DiMassimo signing up for the Chicago Police Department and donning a uniform worn by men and women who patrol a city where black and brown men murder each other with regularity.

Being a brave “bully” would mean DiMassimo holding a hunger strike in front of Ohio’s Planned Parenthood headquarters, where tens of thousands of black and Hispanic babies are aborted every year.

Being a brave “bully” would mean DiMassimo placing his digital camera in the face of all the powerful liberal Hollywood writers, producers, and financiers who routinely marginalize minorities, excluding them from acting, producing, directing jobs.

Alas, I suspect that Tommy DiMassimo won’t take my advice. And that’s a real shame, too.

He’s so blinded by his ambition to be a bully that he hasn’t realized that he’s a buffoon.

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