Mike Huckabee Hits Erick Erickson’s ‘Soviet Way’ Plan to Stop Donald Trump

Mike Huckabee

Former GOP presidential candidate Gov. Mike Huckabee hit blogger Erick Erickson’s secret plan to defeat GOP frontrunner Donald Trump as “the Soviet way.”

The hit came after Huckabee appeared on Fox News Thursday to respond to the Erickson plan, whose goal is to defeat Donald Trump, either through the primaries, or at the convention in July, or through a third party candidate.

Erickson later replied to Huckabee’s on-air criticism, saying, “Mike Huckabee says that ‘When voters make a decision, you suck it up and accept it.’”

The former governor may not know this, but I’m a voter. And my decision is to oppose Donald Trump. So he can suck it up and accept it. This “will of the people” stuff does nothing for me as the will of the people is the very mob rule our founders worked hard to constrain.

Huckabee, in a lengthy Facebook post, then hit back at Erickson.

Actually, Erick, I am aware that you are a voter. And so am I. And I’ve been something you haven’t been—a candidate for President. Twice. I didn’t get the nomination either time. And those darn voters are the reason why. It never occurred to me that since I really did think they were wrong that I could just get some political people in a secret meeting and maybe get the nomination the “Soviet way.” We’ll let people think they are voting, but then we’ll pick me after all.

Trump was certainly not my first choice—I was my first choice. I went from a nice income to zero income, gave a year of my life, asked great sacrifices on the part of donors, staff, and volunteers and gave it all I had and then some. And the voters chose differently. I could blame the media for giving me virtually no attention and giving it all to Trump. I could blame the people who promised their support and urged me to get in the race but who then disappeared into the camps of others because they saw better paychecks, better rewards, or maybe really thought they saw a better candidate. But in the end, my fate was decided by voters. The old Democrat political jokester Dick Tuck, who be-deviled Richard Nixon with some of the great political pranks of all time, eventually decided to run himself, for a CA state senate seat in 1966. He finished 3rd in a field of 8 and as the results came in, he uttered one of the most quoted political lines of all time (and forgive the verbatim language): “The people have spoken….the bastards.”

Dick Tuck said it for humor. Today, we have GOP establishment types who are saying it because they mean it.

We have elections not because the people get it right all the time. They don’t. But they have the right to make a mistake. I think they made one by not nominated me. They sure made one electing Barak Obama and would make a bigger one electing Hillary. But our system was designed to ultimately keep the power away from an oligarchy and let every citizen participate in selecting their leaders.

Don’t like Trump? Don’t like Cruz? Don’t like Kasich? Vote differently. Or don’t vote. But sorry, no matter WHO you are, you only get one vote.


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