Priests for Life Father Frank Pavone Defends Faith at SCOTUS

A visitor holds a size-and weight-accurate rubber model of a 12-week-old fetus as Gans Turner, director of American Victims of Abortion, a program of the National Right to Life Committee, looks on at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in National Harbor, Maryland, on March 15, 2013. AFP PHOTO/Nicholas KAMM …
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Asked by Breitbart News executive chairman Stephen K. Bannon why he is so committed to the issue of life, Father Frank Pavone, national director of Priests for Life, says: “About 25 years ago I came to a decision…to devote myself completely to the protection of unborn children. I came to realize…there is no tragedy greater in our nation today or in our world than this ongoing holocaust of abortion – nothing takes more human life.”

Pavone tells Breitbart News Daily the problem with abortion violence is that “the law is saying it’s okay.”

“If we can’t get it right on life, we’re going to find it very hard to get it right on other issues,” he added. “I’m privileged to have all my ministry devoted to bringing an end to abortion.”

Pavone said the pro-life movement is on the right track for turning momentum toward life. His organization’s case – and those of 139 other individuals and groups against the Obama administration’s HHS mandate – is being heard at the Supreme Court Wednesday.

“We are actually being told by the Obama administration that we have to violate our religious beliefs…by including in our health insurance that we offer our employees coverage for abortion-inducing drugs, as well as contraceptives and other things we find objectionable,” Pavone said, adding that the Obama administration wants religious groups like his to help the government expand access to abortion. He said religious liberty means he can follow his faith always, not just on Sundays in church.

Pavone continued, saying the Obama administration has said the petitioners can simply “opt out” of providing the objectionable coverage, but the form they have to sign to “opt-out” actually authorizes the coverage to be provided anyway.

He describes the Obama administration’s so-called “accommodation” as “a shell game.”

In their arguments before the Supreme Court, Pavone said they are telling the government, “You’re not the judge of our beliefs. Your job is not to judge our beliefs, your job is not to block our beliefs. Your job is to protect our beliefs.”

Pavone also said he is participating in a campaign to urge senators not to consider a Supreme Court justice nominee during this election year.

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