WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel ‘Mansplains’ to Hillary Clinton, Reads Her ‘Boring’ Emails


Hillary Clinton returned to Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday night, where the late-night host read aloud some of her infamous email, proposed some new slogans for her campaign, and gently “mansplained” some of the finer points of running for president.

“Have you ever seen anything like it, historically–an election that has descended to such incredible depths?” Kimmel joked. “I mean, for me, they’re great; don’t get me wrong. I’d like to see some punches thrown.”

While Clinton’s visit occurred as the Democratic presidential primary heated up in recent weeks (Sanders won the Utah and Idaho primaries on Tuesday, and Clinton took Arizona and still leads overall.), Kimmel asked the candidate how she feels about preparing to square off against GOP frontrunner Donald Trump in a general election.

“If he’s the nominee, I look forward to debating him,” Clinton answered, adding:

Yes, absolutely. I actually think most voters, when you start focusing on who can do the job, who can be president, who can be commander-in-chief…I think voters take that responsibility seriously. I look forward to debating him and trying to figure out where he stands on issues.

Later on, Kimmel said the American people had “learned a lot” about Clinton over the course of the campaign, but “more than anything, we’ve learned your emails are very boring.” He read an email in which she wrote that she had ordered some “apples” for a colleague, and jokingly suggested that “apples” was code-word for “pot.”

“This is really top-secret stuff,” Clinton joked back.

The two discussed presidential campaign slogans, with Kimmel offering up several of his own suggestions for Clinton’s campaign: “Hillin’ Like a Villian,” “Netflix and Hill,” “Take a Hill Pill,” and “You Be Hillin.'”

Kimmel also heckled Clinton in a skit skewering the candidate’s critics. In the short segment, Kimmel began “mansplaining” to Clinton, while the candidate attempted to give a stump speech.

“Hold on one second,” Kimmel cut off Clinton early in the speech. “You’re shouting. You’re too loud. It comes off as a little shrill for men. You’re making a speech, not an arrest.”

Then, when Clinton continued in a softer voice, he said, “You know what. You have to speak up. We can’t hear you. You’re like a mouse up there.”

Clinton’s appearance on Kimmel came just two days after Bernie Sanders visited the program for what was a decidedly more serious interview.

Watch some highlights of Clinton’s appearance on the show above.


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