Politico: Aborted Babies Necessary for Zika Research


A new essay in the online journal Politico decries a series of new legislative measures restricting abortions, arguing that effective research to combat the Zika virus somehow depends on the unfettered right to legally kill children in the womb and freely trade with their harvested tissue.

Politico writer Brett Norman paints a dire picture of conservative lawmakers in the U.S. passing draconian laws aimed at blocking research on the tissue of aborted children, suggesting that such research “might reveal the keys to unlocking the disease and preventing the massive birth defects associated with it.”

Norman rightly underscores the righteous “furor” caused by the release of the scandalous Planned Parenthood sting videos throughout 2015 that showed officials from the abortion giant casually discussing the harvesting and sale of baby parts.

The essay claims that “scientists” who say that laws restricting abortion “are becoming roadblocks to the research needed to combat Zika.” Without providing any evidence for his claim, Norman writes that scientists are hesitant to say anything because they “fear the wrath of anti-abortion activists.”

One doctor willing to be cited was obstetrician Patrick Ramsey, who said that using the tissue from aborted babies may help others to stay healthy. “This is a situation where the vaccine is going to have to protect the mom and protect the baby. Fetal tissue is going to be needed to look at the effects,” he said.

Stooping to a new level of fear-mongering, Norman suggests that blocking Planned Parenthood’s fetal research business could actually cause “more abortions,” and that some of the states to be hardest hit by the Zika virus will be those trying to restrict Planned Parenthood’s business.

“Florida is also among the states at greatest risk from the virus,” Norman writes, “which is carried by a species of mosquito endemic to the Gulf Coast. It’s also a major travel hub for the Caribbean and South America, where the virus has already broken out.”

As a toady for Planned Parenthood, Norman fails to mention that regardless of the possible medical knowledge gained from research on the tissue of aborted babies, there is a moral issue at play that deeply concerns a growing number of U.S. citizens. The sort of activity involved in harvesting human tissue is not indifferent to the morality of the research done on it.

Historians acknowledge, for instance, that significant advances in medical science came about as a result of research on prisoners of the Third Reich during World War II. But no amount of positive medical benefit can possibly justify the immoral activities involved in obtaining it.

Planned Parenthood and its lackeys are squirming as Americans study ways to legally curtail the organization’s deplorable practices, and no number of propaganda pieces will change the reality of what countless citizens have now seen with their own eyes.

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