Man Creates Smartphone-Shaped Gun for ‘Ideal Conceal’

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A Minnesota man has created a two-shot carry pistol shaped like a smartphone, which he calls “Ideal Conceal.”

The gun’s designer, Kirk Kjellberg, said the idea for the gun arose after someone made a scene over the fact that he was wearing a traditional gun in a restaurant. With the “Ideal Conceal,” no one knows he is carrying.

According to WHDH, Kjellberg said, “When a little child, a boy about 7, saw me and said, ‘Mommy, mommy that guy’s got a gun,’ and that whole restaurant of course turns and stares at you, and I thought there’s just gotta be something better to do than this.” He said his smartphone gun design allows people to carry without having “to engage other people about why they’re carrying that gun.”

Kjellberg’s “Ideal Conceal” looks just like a smartphone. It holds two rounds, and the handle folds out of the phone if the gun needs to be used in a self-defense application.

The gun is expected to go on sale nationally in October. Right now, “Ideal Conceal” prototypes are being provided to Homeland Security and law enforcement so they can train agents and officers to recognize it in x-rays and scanners where applicable.

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