Report: Guns Stolen from Licensed Dealers at Rate of .039%

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A new Crime Prevention Research Center (CPRC) report shows that guns were stolen from licensed dealers at a rate of .039 percent in 2015.

This revelation comes even as the Obama administration is working to finalize and implement new rules for Federal Firearm License holders (FFLs) regarding the reporting of stolen weapons. Breitbart News previously reported that Obama’s January 5 executive gun controls would place even more reporting requirements –read, regulations — on the backs of FFLs, and CPRC’s new numbers highlight the lack of necessity for these new measures.

According to CPRC, there were approximately 16 millions guns sold by FFLs in 2015, and 6,163 guns were stolen from FFLs. That is “a rate of guns stolen of 0.039%.” And to provide some some idea of where this rate falls compared to theft of other goods, CPRC points to the National Retail Federation/University of Florida National Retail Security Survey, which shows “the rate of theft from retail stores generally” in 2014 was 1.15 percent. That is “29.5 times higher” than the rate of theft from gun stores.

And CPRC points out that another study — conducted by Checkpoint Systems reporting on data for 2014-15 — found a “rate of theft at retail stores for the United States of 1.97%.” That rate is “51 times higher than for gun stores.” Yet the Obama administration’s focus is to put more regulations on gun stores via more rules for FFLs.

Another interesting insight from the CPRC report is a comparison of the rate of theft from retail stores in other countries compared to the rate of theft from gun stores in the U.S.

CPRC shows:

Data readily available from the survey Checkpoint Systems survey for other countries in 2014 found Norway with the lowest rate of thefts at retail stores [with] 0.83%.  For the countries with the lowest rates:

Norway 0.83% rate of theft at retail stores — 21 times higher than for US gun stores

Japan 1% rate of theft at retail stores — 26 times higher than for US gun stores

Hong Kong, Australia and Germany (1.1 percent) — 28 times higher than for US gun stores.

But the Obama administration wants more regulations in place for federally licensed gun dealers.

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