***Horse Race LiveWire*** Badger State Showdown: Cruz, Sanders Projected to Win Wisconsin

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Welcome to Breitbart News’s live updates of the 2016 horse race.

All times eastern.

Voters in Wisconsin are casting their ballots as the Badger State will have election night all to itself. Polls close a 9 p.m. EST.

There 86 delegates at stake for Democrats (19 for statewide winner and 67 delegates awarded proportionally in the state’s Congressional districts) and 42 delegates for Republicans (18 for statewide winner and 3 winner-take-all delegates for each of the state’s eight Congressional districts).

10:52: Trump on pace to win two Congressional districts and get six delegates:

10:50: In a scathing statement, Trump calls Cruz a “Trojan horse” for the establishment and “worse than a puppet.”

10:45: GOP winning turnout battle:

10:44: Sanders says he has a path to victory and the White House.

10:35: Sanders talking about how he was on the front lines in the battle for raising the minimum wages before states started to wage the minimum wage to $15/hour. Sanders says we can change the status quo when we have vision and think big. Then he says he is “not naive” and knows about how Wall Street, Washington, and the corporate media are against working families. Sanders says “we will pass gay marriage in 50 states.”

10:31: Sanders wonders how we can build the infrastructure of Iraq/Afghanistan but we can’t rebuild our own crumbling infrastructure. Sanders says the American people are asking “why can’t we end a campaign finance system which is corrupt and undermining American democracy.”

10:25: Sanders says real change always takes place from the bottom on up and never takes place from the top down.

10:22: Clinton (no primetime events for her tonight) congratulates Sanders:

10:20: Sanders thanks the people of Wisconsin for their strong support and he says with out victory tonight, we have won seven out of the last eight caucuses and primaries. He says, to paraphrase Lincoln, his campaign is “of the people, by the people, and for the people.”

10:18: Sanders says momentum is starting a campaign 60-70 points behind Hillary Clinton and now being either a point up or down in national polls against Clinton. He says momentum is “we are defeating Donald Trump by very significant numbers.”

10:16: In Wyoming, a victorious Sanders says he was told that there were about 5,000 people who participated in the last Wyoming caucuses and “it looks like all of them are here tonight. Thank you.”

10:06: Cruz ends by saying, “Hillary, get ready. Here we come!”

10:05: Cruz praises his wife and says Heidi is teaching their daughters every day that strong women can accomplish anything. He says Wisconsin has made clear that “we are free to choose.” Cruz says he looks forward to coming to Wisconsin in the fall and painting the Badger State bright red.

10:01: He says the next election is about jobs, security and freedom. And he mentions that Milton/Rose Friedman wrote Free to Choose and explained that the American free enterprise system has been the greatest engine for opportunity and prosperity that the world has ever seen. He says if we get Washington out to the way, “there is no limit to what we can accomplish.”

10:00: Cruz also says that instead of negotiating with terrorists, he will rip to shreds the Iranian deal.

[Cruz is basically giving his stump speech and hardly adding anything new for such an important “turning point” speech.]

9:58: Cruz vows to secure the border and end sanctuary cities. He says truck drivers, plumbers, and other blue-collar worker will see wages raising.

9:57: Cruz says Wisconsin has “lit a candle” tonight to guide Americans forward.

9:54: Cruz says tonight was a “bad night for Hillary Clinton” in the Democratic primary and it was an even “worse night for her in the Republican Party” because he can best defeat her. Cruz says he is winning because he is uniting the Republican Party. He mentions that five of the 17 candidates who ran for the nomination have endorsed his campaign.

9:51: Cruz claims the media said Wisconsin was the “perfect state for Donald Trump” even though Trump was behind Cruz even before Rubio left the race. Cruz says he has been victorious in four different states–Utah, Colorado, North Dakota, and Wisconsin. Cruz says his campaign has raised more than $2 million just today.

9:49: “God Bless the great state of Wisconsin,” Cruz says. He says tonight is a “turning point” and a “rallying cry” and a call from the men and women of Wisconsin to the people of America that we have a “real choice.” Cruz says the national political terrain began to change two weeks ago in Utah.

9:45: A beaming Cruz is getting ready to deliver his victory speech in Wisconsin.

9:22: Cruz, Sanders Projected to win Wisconsin. 

9:20: Unlike in Southern states, strong support for Cruz among white Evangelical voters in Wisconsin:

9:18: Clinton not doing as well with Northern blacks:

9:15: Clinton still having trouble with young voters:

9:02: How Wisconsin’s Dems. feel about Clinton/Sanders:

9:00: Polls closed in Wisconsin. Race is too early to call on the GOP side, but CNN’s exit poll has Cruz leading with 47%, followed by Trump with 36% and Kasich with 14%. Sanders leads Clinton 55%-44% in CNN’s exit polls.

8:20: State of the race before before Wisconsin awards its delegates:

8:13: Policy Wonk Newt wishes Trump had given policy speeches a month ago. He says the one substantive speech he has given–Trump’s AIPAC address–was very effective and people would feel more assured with his candidacy after he gives his policy addresses. Gingrich says that Trump is like a “rookie quarterback” in the Super Bowl.

8:05: Wisconsin Dems. want a candidate who is “honest and trustworthy.”

8:00: Wisconsin GOP electorate very “Never Trump.” But Cruz must meet the high bar. CNN’s Dana Bash revealed that the “Never Trump” SmartSet folks are biting their nails while they wait for Wisconsin’s results:

7:32: On MSNBC, Chris Matthews slams a Sanders surrogate when she says she has no idea where the money will come from to pay for Sanders’s “free college” plan. Matthews says “there’s no free lunch.”

7:16: Wisconsin’s Lieutenant Gov. says she voted for Cruz today:

7:15: If Trump pulls off the upset, it may be game over:

7:10: On Fox News, Greta Van Susteren said there are many voters who are a bit sheepish about publicly declaring that they are voting for Trump (perhaps because they don’t want to face blowback) but told her that they were going to do so. It’s an interesting thing to think about considering some of the negative polling about Trump, especially regarding women voters.

7:06: Trump ahead among independents, but Cruz is leading among Evangelicals, according to Fox News:

Evangelicals: “Fifty-three percent said they were supporting Cruz, while 35 percent were going for Trump. Just 11 percent said they back Ohio Gov. John Kasich.”

Independents: “Trump, meanwhile, led with 43 percent support among independents, followed closely by Cruz with 38 percent.”

7:00: Interesting take from Kirsten Powers:

6:36: In response to President Barack Obama’s comments about Trump’s “half-baked” immigration plan to make Mexico pay for the border wall,  Trump’s Senior Policy Adviser Stephen Miller tells CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that “it’s good evidence that the president has spent too much time in recent years with very rich special interests” and “not enough time with working Americans.”

6:28: Democrats in Wisconsin want “experience” while Republicans want someone from outside of the political establishment:

6:25: Democrats and Republicans again on the same page on trade. According to exit polls, 33% of GOP primary voters say trade creates jobs while 54% believe it takes jobs away from Americans. On the left, 38% of Democrats say trade creates jobs while 45% believe it takes away jobs from U.S. workers.

6:10: More Democrats identify as “very liberal” compared to 2008:

6:07: Exit poll: 31% of GOP primary voters “very conservative.”

5:35: Dem. primary voters split on who would make better Commander-in-Chief. Majority believe Sanders more inspirational but majority also think Clinton has best chance of defeating Trump:

5:34: Dem. primary electorate in Wisconsin not too diverse:

5:31: Seven in 10 GOP primary voters in Wisconsin support Trump’s proposal for a temporary Muslim ban. According to ABC News, “Trump’s won 47 percent of these voters in previous states, vs. Cruz’s 28 percent, but Cruz was much closer to Trump among these voters in some recent contests, notably in North Carolina and Missouri.”

5:30: Exit polls: Wisconsin GOP voters think Cruz has best chance to defeat Clinton in the fall: According to ABC, “more than four in 10 Wisconsin voters think Cruz has the best chance to beat Clinton. Only a third think Trump’s got the best shot, and fewer than two in 10 say it’s Kasich.”

5:28: Exit polls: More than six in 10 GOP voters in Wisconsin think illegal immigrants should be given a path to legal status and a third support deporting illegal immigrants.

5:25: According to CNN, 33% of GOP Wisconsin primary voters decided in the last last week and 67% before that. The GOP primary electorate: 65% Republicans, 6% Democrats, 29% independents.


5:23: More from Wisconsin exit polls:

5:22:  Trump/Cruz in dead heat in Reuters national poll:

5:09: Wisconsin Exit Polls: Economy and Government Spending Top Issues for Republicans:

5:08: Wisconsin Exit Polls: Economy and Income Inequality top issues for Democrats:

4:55: Clinton claims Trump actually said what Republicans really think re: punishing women for abortions and says “I believe the values of New York are the values of America.”

4:41: Trump is reportedly planning a series of policy speeches after Wisconsin.

4:36: At her town hall event, Clinton slams Trump:

4:25: Hillary Clinton, ladies and gentlemen:

4:20: Jane Sanders in Wyoming:


4:05: It may all come down to California:

3:54: In an appearance on CNN, establishment Republican strategist Alex Castellanos describe the establishment’s distaste with Ted Cruz, saying Cruz is like the “escort you hire” to take you to your reunion “when you can’t get a date.”

3:50: Supreme Court denies request from D.C. Madam’s attorney to release client info that she said would  have an impact on the 2016 election:

The U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday denied a request from a lawyer who once represented a woman known as the “DC Madam” to release records from her famous escort service.

Those records include such sensitive information as customer names, Social Security numbers and addresses— information the lawyer, Montgomery Blair Sibley, has said could affect the 2016 presidential election. The so-called DC Madam Deborah Jeane Palfrey ran a high-priced escort service in the Washington D.C.-area for a number of years before her eventual conviction. She died in 2008.


3:45: Mainstream media don’t pile on Sanders though for such disastrous interviews:

3:10: After Ford confirms it is moving its plant to Mexico, Trump slams the move as an “absolute disgrace.”

3:05: After golfing with President Obama, Aaron Rodgers showing Kasich some support?

3:00: CNN’s Jason Carroll said that at one polling location, most of the people who were deciding between Trump and Cruz told him they ended up voting for Cruz.

2:45: Trump predicts a “big surprise” tonight while Sanders declared today that if he wins Wisconsin and New York, “we’re on our way to the White House.”

2:35: Record turnout is expected. Trump and Cruz campaigns busy getting out the vote: