Matt Palumbo: Cleveland Cops Forced to Give Up Vacation to Babysit Soros’ ‘Dream Team of Protesters’ at GOP Convention

Scott Olson/Getty Images
Scott Olson/Getty Images
Washington, DC

Cleveland resident and conservative marketing and fundraising strategist Matt Palumbo thinks his city has made great strides in development over the past two decades, but he told Breitbart News Daily host Stephen K. Bannon that Cleveland is going to have its hands full when George Soros “rolls in his dream team of protesters,” including Black Lives Matter and others, during the Republican Convention in July.

On top of this, Palumbo explained that “the City of Cleveland is at odds with the Patrolman’s Association because the city just revoked all the vacations for the uniformed officers for the three weeks surrounding the convention. They want all hands on deck.”

Cleveland’s Fox 8 also recently reported on the dispute.

The Fox 8 I-Team has uncovered a battle raging behind plans for police protection for this summer’s Republican National Convention. An arbitrator is deciding if Cleveland Police officers should be allowed to take vacation time around the RNC.

Cleveland Police are promising extra patrols in neighborhoods, and the city says it is bringing in thousands of outside officers to help with security. And, the police union has warned there may not be enough officers. So, we went to the union president about the vacations.

“If the success or failure of the Convention falls on the shoulders of 50 people, then we’re in even bigger trouble than I think we’re in,” said Police Union President Steve Loomis.

With approximately 50 police officers on vacation during any given week, the police union asked for an extra personal day off for officers, but the city rejected the offer.

“We were happily willing to sit down at a table and negotiate a solution to this. The city shut us down on that,” said Police Union President Steve Loomis.

Firefighters aren’t experiencing the same problem and will be taking their vacations, according to reports.

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