**Horse Race Live Wire** Trump, Clinton Projected to Win New York Primary

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Welcome to Breitbart News’ live updates of the 2016 horse race. Today voters head to the ballot box for the first time in two weeks for New York’s Republican and Democratic primaries.

All times eastern.

12:15: Mathematically impossible for Cruz to win nomination based on pledged delegates:

12:10: Trump/Clinton leading in contests won:

12:09: Sanders fared the best in Clinton County:

12:05: Cruz losing to Dr. Ben Carson in some NY Districts:



11:19: Trump Campaign’s Manafort: Cruz Should Quit If He Doesn’t Win Indiana:

11:13: Giuliani says Trump would be Clinton’s worst nightmare. Clinton campaign would know how to run against predictable Cruz, who tips his pitches and telegraphs his passes:

11:10: Clinton holding gun control event in Connecticut:

11:08: Sanders campaign manager tries to explain his path forward. MSNBC host Kornacki not buying spin:

11:05: Clinton camp accuses Sanders of mimicking GOP attacks against Clinton and says seminal Daily News interview was “definitive moment” in campaign:

11:00: Cruz will be the only one of the five candidates to be shut out tonight in New York:

10:55: Kasich appealing to Manhattan liberals:

10:51: Almost a clean sweep for Trump:

10:40: Trump dominating everywhere except Manhattan:


10:36: Clinton ends speech talking about Sandy Hook and pushing more gun control:


10:31: In a bizarre “press availability,” Sanders congratulates Clinton and insists he still has a path to victory:

10:30: Campaign finance on Clinton’s mind:

10:29: Clinton says Trump and Cruz are pushing a vision for America that is dangerous by restricting abortions, rounding up illegal immigrants, and threatening to ban Muslims from entering the country and treating American Muslims like “criminals.” She says “we have a very different vision and it’s about lifting people up and not tearing people down.”

10:26: She says a lot of Americans haven’t recovered from the Great Recession and she says that America is a “problem-solving” nation. She talks bout reviving inner cities, coal country. She wants to fight climate change and take on “systemic racism” and pass “comprehensive immigration reform” in addition to guaranteeing “equal pay for women.” There’s more. “We are going to keep our families safe and our country strong and we’re going to defend our rights–civil rights, voting rights, women’s rights, LGBT rights, and rights for people with disabilities.” She says those are “New  York values and they are American values.”

10:25: Clinton says under the bright lights of New York, we have seen that it is not enough to diagnose problems but “you have to solve problems.” She talks about a tomorrow where “no child grows up under the shadow of discrimination or under the specter of deportation.”

10:23: Clinton says hers is the only campaign to have won more than 10 million votes but “I’m going forward because more voices remain to be heard.”

10:20: Clinton says New Yorkers have always had her back and “I’ve always tried to have yours.” She says it is humbling that New Yorkers trust her with the “awesome responsibilities” that come with the next president. She tells Sanders supporters that “there’s much more that unites us than divides us.” She says “we started this race not far from here on Roosevelt Island…. pledging to build on the progressive tradition that has done so much for America… from Franklin Roosevelt to Barack Obama.” She says the race for the Democratic nomination is “in the home stretch and victory is in sight.”

10:19: “Thank you, New York,” Clinton says. “Thank you all so much.” Clinton says “today, you proved once again there’s no place like home.” She says her campaign has won in every region of the country, “but this one’s personal.”

10:15: Hillary Clinton on stage with her husband and daughter.

10:00: De Blasio speaking before Clinton speaks at her NY victory party:

9:54: As Joel notes, Kasich doing well in Manhattan (may steal 3-4 delegates from Trump) while Trump is dominating across the state:

9:41: Clinton projected to win NY Primary:

Clinton thanks New York:

9:40: Trump says though he cannot be caught, delegates shouldn’t be awarded to candidates who didn’t earn them via the vote. He still blasts the “crooked” and “rigged” system. Trump says he is celebrating tonight but going back to work tomorrow morning. He says he is flying to Indiana and Pennsylvania and “all over.”

9:37: “We don’t have much of a race anymore,” Trump says, adding that Cruz is virtually “mathematically eliminated.” Trump adds, “we’re really, really rocking.” He says “we’re going to have an amazing number of weeks” ahead and cites Pennsylvania, Indiana, Maryland, and Rhode Island.

9:34: Trump says his team is “evolving” but is a “team of unity” that the press don’t understand. Trump says it has been an incredible evening and week. He says New York state has problems like virtually every other state because jobs are being sucked out of our states. He says “we’re not going to let it happen anymore” and “we’re going to stop it.” Trump says Carl Icahn is at his victory party. Trump says we’re going to use out great business people to negotiate great trade deals. “Bigger, better, stronger than ever before,” Trump says of the military under his administration. “Nobody is going to mess with us.” Trump says illegal immigrants are taken care of better than our “forgotten” vets and “that’s not going to happen” if he wins the White House.

9:33: Trump says that the people who knew him the best gave him a resounding victory. He thanks everyone at his victory party and his family.

9:25: Kasich campaign’s top strategist heckles Cruz:

9:20: More bad states for Cruz in the weeks ahead.

9:15: Cruz expecting to get shut out — or setting expectations extremely low:

9:01: Donald Trump projected to win New York’s primary. Sanders v. Clinton too close to call based on exit polling.

9:00: Polls have closed in New York

8:39: For some reason, Cruz doesn’t want to talk about New York’s primary:

8:38: Cruz says he is an “outsider” like JFK:

8:20: Chuck Todd predicts clueless tacticians in the Stop Trump movement will not have a great morning after:

8:15: Lewandowski on growing campaign:

8:10: Kasich mocks Trump for promising to bring back steel industry before putting on boxing gloves that a supporter conveniently handed him:

8:03: NY Dem. Primary Voters Not Fans of Wall Street:

7:59: Signs that the Trump campaign may become a bit more “traditional” in the days ahead:

7:42: Sanders not backing down, says he’ll do “just fine” tonight in New York:


7:40: Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta says on CNN that Clinton will have an “insurmountable” lead over Sanders after next week.

7:38: Media ready for tonight’s Trump Tower event:

7:33: Paul Ryan doesn’t want Republicans to skip the GOP convention in Cleveland.

“I think that we should go,” he told CNN. “This is our convention making our nominee, so I think everybody should participate.”

Perhaps signaling that they will not fare well in New York, Cruz and Sanders are holding events in Pennsylvania before polls close in New York.

7:25: Cruz Holding Event at Constitution Center. No televisions for election night coverage.



7:23: Sanders holding event at Penn State:

7:22 PM: Paul Manafort is reportedly scrutinizing Lewandowski’s spending decisions.


7:17 PM: Breitbart reporter Alex Swoyer on location at Trump Tower:

7:08 PM: More exits from GOP voters.

6:40 PM: Well if this isn’t a sign of a Hillary victory…

6:25 PM: Unity.

6:15 PM: More than 2/3rds expect Hillary to win the nomination.

6:05 PM: Top issue for Dems:

6:03 PM: Year of the outsider.

5:49 PM: Year of the populists.

5:47 PM: GOP primary voters viewed Trump as most electable.

5:39 PM: Full Cruz interview on Hannity.

5:35 PM: Bold.

5:32 PM: More exit polls.

Big spread from ABC News:

More than seven in 10 New York GOP voters in preliminary exit poll results say the candidate with the most votes in the primaries should win the party’s nomination; a quarter instead favors a contested convention, saying that delegates should pick whichever nominee they think best.

5:23 PM: Cruz to Trump on delegate race: “learn how to win an election.”

5:21 PM: Elizabeth Warren is on a Twitter rant about Cruz.


5:19 PM: Polling craziness. One Harlem polling place reportedly did not have any Republican ballots:

At one polling site at Carlton Avenue and Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn, the site coordinator didn’t even bother to show up and it took about an hour-and-a-half to find a replacement so the poll could open.

Television and radio contributor John Burnett took to Twitter to voice his complaints, saying that in Harlem he was told there were no GOP ballots available.

5:16 PM: Exit poll for Dems.

5:07 PM: Exit polls begin to drop!

5:06 PM: Cruz gets testy with Sean Hannity. “[T]he Donald Trump campaign does not seem capable of running a lemonade stand.”

4:59 PM: Yikes!

4:33 PM: Flags being ironed at the Philadelphia site for Cruz’s election-night event.

4:31 PM: Radio interview — Trump says “I think anything over 70 delegates would be really a great night.”

3:54 PM: Trump Tower’s the place to be tonight.

3:46 PM: New poll has big leads for Trump and Clinton in Maryland.

3:31 PM: Google trends.


3:28 PM: Josh Barro voted for Kasich.


3:26 PM: Another one.


3:16 PM: Report claims an entire block of voters couldn’t be found at their polling place:

3:13 PM: Senior citizens for Bernie.

3:03 PM: More than 400 official polling complaints in NYC.

2:57 PM: Local media reports turnout “way more than usual” and one district has a confusing “location change” card that’s only for school district elections.

She said she got a postcard in the mail directing her to a new location, but “they’re telling me I can’t vote here because it’s not my district.” Frangakis  said officials at the precinct could not get through to the board of elections or other precincts, so she didn’t know where she should go.

It’s possible that some voters got two postcards in the mail — one with their polling place for the primary, and another for the May school board election — and went to the wrong location.

Karin Arduino, an election inspector at Tarrytown Village Hall, said residents who haven’t voted in previous primaries were turning out this year.

“There are a lot of new voters — voters I’m not used to seeing,” Arduino said.

2:55 PM: Journalism.

2:12 PM: Cruz national spox says Kasich is “insufferable” and it’s no big deal if Trump wins tonight. Via Politico:

The Cruz campaign expects Donald Trump to win New York. After all, the “insufferable John Kasich” won his own state, a top aide to the Texas senator’s team said Tuesday.

Ron Nehring, who is the national campaign spokesman, appeared on MSNBC Tuesday and shrugged off the New York primary where Cruz is currently in third place.

“Donald Trump is going to have a good night in New York that’s kind of been baked into the equation. Everybody knows that. That’s no surprise,” Nehring said. “Even the insufferable John Kasich was able to win his own state. Now, he’s lost every state before and every state, you know, since as a result.”

2:09 PM: FLASHBACK — As of 1997, Trump’s favorite movie was Bloodsport.

2:04 PM: Trump tweets fan video showing off minority supporters.

1:58 PM: Kasich heckled in his hometown of Pittsburgh.

1:43 PM: Wat.

1:37 PM: Missouri results finally cemented.

1:19 PM: Fiorina explains why she voted for Cruz: Trump, Hillary are “two sides of the same coin.

12:47 PM: Journalism: what foods are people searching for with respect to each candidate?

12:35 PM: Young, pro-choice New York conservative student explains why she voted for Kasich.

12:34 PM: Human voters of New York.

12:29 PM: Bernie supporter on jumping through hoops because he’s a registered independent:

“What do you think of the closed primary system in New York?” a man called out to Mr. Sanders as the senator and his wife, Jane, walked across 46th Street on Tuesday morning.

New York’s primary allows only voters who are registered as a Republican or Democrat to vote in that party’s primary, and changes to party enrollment had to be completed by October.

“That’s a good question,” Mr. Sanders replied, pausing his stride to speak to the man, Mike Cantalupo, a 21-year-old Massapequa resident. “Are you eligible?”

When Mr. Cantalupo said he is a registered independent, Mr. Sanders raised his eyebrows and placed his hand on the man’s shoulder: “Oh, here it is. Here it is. This is the problem. Tell them.”

Mr. Cantalupo explained that he had tried to change his voter registration when he received a new license but that the Department of Motor Vehicles had lost his paperwork, and by the time he re-registered in December, it was too late.

“So, right now I’m trying to do everything I can to get my vote cast for him,” Mr. Cantalupo said. “I can sign a court order and an affidavit and whatever I need to do, and I’m going to do that. But it shouldn’t be this hard.”

12:27 PM: Daily News chronicles polling issues at several precincts:

Queens resident George Mack said he came to P.S. 52 in Springfield Gardens to vote right at 6 a.m. He, and about 50 other early voters, learned all three machines on site were broken. Volunteers at the school told voters to place their ballots in a slot, and they would all get processed later.

“It’s a recipe for disaster,” said Mack, 55, who voted for Hillary Clinton.

“Somebody at the end of the day is gonna feed (the ballots) through a machine? I don’t have confidence in that.”

Meanwhile, voters at the Cooper Park Houses in Greenpoint, Brooklyn couldn’t even get close to a machine. More than two hours after polls were supposed to open at 6 a.m., that site was still closed.

12:21 PM: New York Times SCOOP! Trump’s plane reportedly is not registered with the FAA anymore.


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