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New York Primary

Donald Trump’s Road to Washington Goes Through Fresno

Donald Trump’s resounding, poll-beating victory in the New York primary sets a clear precedent for the California primary: he is going to compete in the rural areas that Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) has dominated in the caucus states thus far in 2016.

Fresno Skyline (Strangevisitor / Flickr / CC)

5 Lessons of New York Primary for California Primary

The New York primary on April 19 marked major wins for Democratic favorite Hillary Clinton and Republican frontrunner Donald Trump, setting the stage for a decisive California primary on June 7. There are five key lessons from New York for California.

Donald Trump New York primary (John Moore / Getty)

‘Let’s Do This!’ New York Celebrities Head to the Polls on Primary Day

Celebrity New Yorkers took to the polls Tuesday to vote in the state’s primary. No matter which candidate they chose (Bernie or Hillary mostly), many of the city’s most politically active stars took to social media to urge other New Yorkers to participate in the process and show off their “I Voted” stickers.


Poll: Ted Cruz Holds Lead in Wisconsin Days Before GOP Primary

A new poll from CBS News shows Texas Sen. Ted Cruz up 6 in Wisconsin just days before the crucial winner-take-most primary. At stake on the April 5th primary is 42 delegates and a serious challenge to Trump’s quest to accumulate 1,237 delegates before the RNC convention.

Although Donald Trump's campaign has seemed bulletproof until now, his latest controversies, including comments about Ted Cruz's wife (pictured), have alienated women voters further