The Economist: ‘Myth’ that Uneducated, Poor Voters Support Donald Trump

Trump Supporters Pledge BRYNN ANDERSON AP

Although many pundits argue that Donald Trump’s support base comes from the poor and uneducated, exit polling in many states suggests the richer and better educated voters are also turning out for the billionaire.

The Economist reports:

Take education: on average, voters with a high-school education or less have made up 16% of the Republican electorate overall and a fifth of Mr Trump’s voting base; but college graduates and postgraduates account for 43% of his support.

Looking at income: voters earning under $50,000 have made up 29% of the electorate and 32% of Mr Trump’s support. Those earning over $100,000 have accounted for 37% of the electorate and 34% of his base.

“It would seem Mr. Trump is a broadly appealing fellow after all,” The Economist’s analysis concludes, suggesting that it’s a myth only poor and uneducated voters support Trump.


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