Super PAC Memo to RNC: ‘Critical’ to Deny Trump Nomination Despite Delegate Lead

Dump Trump Sign Lynne Sladky, AP
Lynne Sladky/AP

Our Principles PAC, aimed at taking down GOP frontrunner Donald Trump, argues even after Trump’s victory in New York on Tuesday, the billionaire “faces a nearly impossible test of securing the necessary delegates to win the GOP nomination.”

Our Principles PAC chairman Katie Packer, formerly a Mitt Romney staffer, passed out a memo at the Republican National Committee meeting in Hollywood, Florida, attempting to highlight that Trump cannot defeat Democrat frontrunner Hillary Clinton in the general election.

The memo, which was sent to members of the RNC, is titled, “Why Not Trump?”

Packer writes, “I would like to make the case to you that the path to an open convention is still very clear and that, regardless of his current lead in the delegate count, Donald Trump should not be the Republican nominee for President.”

She argues he has a very difficult path to securing the 1,237 delegates ahead of the Republican National Convention in July, which are needed to clinch the GOP nomination.

Packer goes on to argue that Trump isn’t a conservative and “isn’t really even a Republican.”

After detailing that Trump loses to Clinton in head-to-head match ups noted in many polls, Packer pleas, “As Republican leaders, it is critical that you do everything in your power to prevent Donald Trump from being our party’s standard-bearer.”


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