Georgia Gov Has 3 Days to Sign Campus Carry Bill He Urged Lawmakers to Pass

campus carry
Melissa Golden/AP Photo

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal (R) urged the passage of campus carry legislation on February 26 and now has 3 days left to sign the legislation into law.

Breitbart News previously reported that the Georgia House passed the campus carry on February 22, and Deal shot down arguments against it as it transitioned to the Senate for consideration. He said the opponents of being armed on campus for self-defense were simply resurrecting the same arguments they made against a 2014 law expanding concealed carry in the state of Georgia. The arguments against the 2014 law included warnings that expanding concealed carry would lead to “a Wild West scenario,” but that scenario never materialized.

Deal argued that opponents of being armed for self-defense on campus were making the same predictions again simply because the campus carry legislation has momentum.

The Senate listened to Deal and, on March 11, concurred with the House by passing campus carry on a vote of 37 to 17. The legislation went to Deal’s desk, giving him until May 4 to sign or veto the very bill he vehemently defended.

The time between the Senate passage of the bill and now has been marked by a campaign against campus carry orchestrated by Michael Bloomberg-funded Everytown for Gun Safety. And on April 25, REM frontman Michael Stipe came out against the legislation and begged Deal to maintain the status quo by keeping law-abiding students disarmed.

Ironically, a shooting on the Georgia State state campus on March 21 demonstrates that the status quo actually maintains an environment where criminals are already armed. In fact, criminals ignore the gun-free campus rules, while law-abiding students with concealed carry permits are sitting ducks.

Deal has three days to follow up on his defense of campus carry by signing the legislation that passed the House and Senate and has been sitting on his desk for over a month.

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