Louisiana Attorney General: We’re ‘Taking The Lead’ to Combat Sanctuary Cities

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Louisiana Republican Attorney General Jeff Landry says his state is taking the lead when it comes to cracking down on sanctuary cities. On Breitbart News Daily Friday morning, he touted bills which would cut off funding for building projects and allow victims of illegal alien criminals to sue municipalities.

“Louisiana’s going to take the lead, we’re hoping,” he told SiriusXM host Stephen K. Bannon.

There are two measures, two bills that passed through our state house by overwhelming bipartisan support, and one of those bills… What it does is, it says if a municipality or political subdivision of the state is found to have a sanctuary city policy, then that municipality or county in Louisiana will be barred from accessing financing, so they won’t be able to get any bonding to do infrastructure or any other kind of construction projects. So the penalty part is to cut off the ability to finance projects.

And here in Louisiana, both New Orleans and Lafayette Parish are both sanctuary cities. New Orlean’s sanctuary city policy is very far-sweeping,

New Orleans ordered police to stop cooperating with federal immigration officials in February.

“The other bill, actually, gives a victim’s right — a victim of a crime committed by an illegal alien — of which that illegal alien had been in the custody of law enforcement prior the right to sue those municipalities. So they’re great pieces of legislation we believe will eliminate sanctuary cities from the state of Louisiana.”

“Sometimes it just takes someone willing to step up and articulate the message,” he said.

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