defunding sanctuary cities

Sanctuary Protest

Illegal Aliens Rally for Sanctuary for Aliens, Muslims, LGBTs

Illegal aliens and supporters for a sanctuary city stood out in the rain in front of the city’s administration building on Thursday chanting, “Not on our watch,” and “One city, one fight.” They want protection for illegal aliens, Muslims, and the LGBT community.

Illegal alien criminal AFP Getty

Louisiana Attorney General: We’re ‘Taking The Lead’ to Combat Sanctuary Cities

Louisiana Republican Attorney General Jeff Landry says his state is taking the lead when it comes to cracking down on sanctuary cities. On Breitbart News Daily Friday morning, he touted bills which would cut off funding for building projects and allow victims of illegal alien criminals to sue municipalities.

Hannity - Abbott - Fox News Screenshot

Hannity to Texas Governor: ‘Good Job in Texas, I’ll Tell You That!’

Texas Governor Greg Abbott was interviewed by Sean Hannity and the nationally syndicated radio talk show host told Abbott – “Good job in Texas, I’ll tell you that!” Hannity commended Abbott for his tough stance on sanctuary cities, his lawsuit against the Obama administration’s amnesty program, and putting a halt to Obama’s amnesty during his tenure as President. The talk show host also asked the Texas Governor who he was supporting as President.