Roger Stone on Bill Clinton’s Predatory Sexual Behavior: Hillary Is an Accessory After the Fact


Veteran political operative and Donald Trump supporter Roger Stone joined SiriusXM host Stephen K. Bannon on Tuesday’s edition of Breitbart News Daily to discuss a Quinnipiac poll showing Trump pulling even with Hillary Clinton in several crucial states, including Florida, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.

Bannon asked if this poll, and other recent national surveys that showed the race between presumptive nominees tightening, would “start to kill this whole meme going on out there, that Trump can’t beat” Clinton.

“Very typical of the mainstream media, misunderstanding that polling is always mercurial and temporary,” said Stone. “Everybody, of course, was crawling about the number of surveys that showed Trump behind Hillary last week, making the blanket statement, ‘Well, you see, that’s it.  He can’t win.’”

He thought the polls would continue to shift as Trump turned his attention to the general election campaign.

Stone predicted:

His focus has been on the Republican primary, but more importantly, Sanders has never hit Hillary where she’s most vulnerable, probably because he didn’t think it would work within the rubric of the left-wing-dominated Democratic Party. Consequently, I think that her favorable/unfavorable ratio, once one of the worst ratios in the country, will return to the same polarization, once she takes a couple of hits.

Bannon noted that Republican establishment figures have traditionally been as reluctant as Sanders to play the strongest cards against the Clintons, but Trump is “going to places the Clintons never thought anyone would go, and the mainstream media’s starting to at least report that it’s out there.”

Stone said one reason Trump has been able to prod the media into covering Clinton scandals is that the Clintons are not as good at intimidating people into silence as they used to be.

“I’ve never heard from them, nor do I expect to, because, of course, a lawsuit would be a forum for us to demonstrate that everything in the book is accurate,” he said of his book The Clintons’ War on Women, co-authored with Robert Morrow. He continued:

And they know that. And, of course, truth is the ultimate defense. They were very, very adept in the 1980s at suppressing people and suppressing incidents that would have been of interest to the American people. But this was a pre-Internet age. Today, information cannot be suppressed.

Stone said attempts were still being made to squelch stories harmful to the Clintons, including bans against him from CNN and MSNBC “because I’m blurting out the embarrassing truth about Bill and Hillary Clinton.”

“This is not about marital infidelity, or adultery, or girlfriends, or mistresses,” he said, adding:

It’s about something much, much darker: sexual assault, and rape. Bill Clinton is a sexual predator, but more germane, Hillary Clinton is an accessory after the fact to each one of those sex crimes because she’s the one who bullies, and intimidates, and threatens Bill’s victims. Donald Trump says, in some cases, ruining their lives to keep them silent.

“Sadly, I don’t think the Clintons are progressives, or liberals. I think it’s far more danger than this,” Stone warned. “I think these people are amoral thieves. I mean, they would steal a hot stove. They really will do anything for money, and I think that will, in many key ways, be their downfall.”

“I think to beat them, nothing can be off the table,” he advised. “I find it disturbing that Chris Christie, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, all said during the campaign, ‘Bill’s sexual history is irrelevant.’ Well, it is, and it isn’t. It’s relevant because it regards how Hillary acted at the time.”

Stone said he really had no interest in Bill Clinton’s “consensual sex,” although he realized “many people will find it distasteful.”

“But look, Dwight Eisenhower was getting a little on the side. That’s not the point here,” he argued. “You cross the line when you get into areas of sexual assault and him exposing himself to women, as he did with Paula Jones, who he paid an $850,000 out-of-court settlement to, for example.”  

“This is a narrative that they really are trying very hard to suppress,” said Stone, contending that others beside himself have been banned from mainstream media outlets for talking about Bill Clinton’s predatory behavior and Hillary Clinton’s enabling of it. “They literally pull your microphone. They unplug your microphone to stop you from going there.”

“This is absolutely incredible,” he said, then continued:

David Brock is now rolling out a new political action committee to go after people who say unpleasant things about Hillary on the Internet, in social media. They’re gonna be policing social media with a thought-Gestapo: “You are accused of thinking bad things about Hillary.” Amazing.

Although Stone is no longer officially a part of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, Bannon asked if he could address questions that have been raised about Trump’s campaign funding, particularly his appointment of Goldman Sachs veteran Steven Mnuchin to handle fundraising activities. As Bannon noted, Trump has long boasted of running a self-financed and people-powered campaign, but “you don’t bring on Mnuchin to go to the Tea Party Patriots and raise $10 donations.”

“I think he’s very clear that the combined Trump-Republican operation is going to have to raise about a billion dollars, in very short order,” Stone replied. “And, because of the unique nature of Trump’s candidacy, he doesn’t have a well-oiled finance operation ready to jump on the task. So he’s playing catch-up ball.”

“What’s amazing, I’m told, is the number of new donors, people who have never given before,” he continued. “See, instead of the press focusing on the two or three percent of the party donors who are NeverTrump–that whole thing may be ten people. I’m not sure. They don’t focus on the whole influx both of new voters, and new donors who Trump’s bringing to the party.”

He said that “a shift of 700,000 votes in five states would have won us the last election,” and declared, “This is the last time, in my memory, that Republicans actually have new people showing up at the table.”

“They have to take that opportunity to change the party,” he urged, adding:

Every Republican president, every successful president, has remade the Republican Party in their image. Lincoln did, Theodore Roosevelt did, Eisenhower even did, Nixon, and, of course, Reagan. Trump is going to make us a less country club, more mainstream–Main Street, I should say–party. The party will become more like it was in the eighties under Reagan than it was in the nineties under the Bushes.

Stone also took time to criticize the Great America PAC, which “purports to be a pro-Trump organization,” saying he has “problems with their finances.”

“Jesse Benton, who ran Rand and Ron Paul’s campaign–a convicted felon last week, in Iowa, for bribery of a public official, I believe it was,” said Stone, referring to charges that stemmed from the activities of Benton and two others during Ron Paul’s 2012 campaign. He continued:

Ed Rollins, with very close ties to Teneo, the Clinton influence lobbying firm, where he works by day. But most troubling is their finances. They said they spent a million dollars to help Donald Trump in Wisconsin. A more careful study determines that of that million dollars, they spent $100,000 on actual digital media; the other $900,000 appears to be fees.

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