Second Amendment Court Case Victor: ‘Armed Queers Don’t Get Bashed’

Facebook/Pink Pistols Twin Cities
Facebook/Pink Pistols Twin Cities

The gay gun rights group Pink Pistols, a plaintiff in the Washington, DC, case that resulted in a pro-self-defense ruling on May 17, contends that “armed queers don’t get bashed.”

In GRACE et al v. DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA et alMatthew Grace and Pink Pistols were pleased to see U.S. District Judge Richard Leon rule against DC’s “good reason” requirement for concealed carry permit applicants. Breitbart News reported on the majority opinion, in which Leon wrote, “Because the right to bear arms includes the right to carry firearms for self-defense both inside and outside the home, I find that the District’s ‘good reason’ requirement likely places an unconstitutional burden on this right.”

In a press release, Pink Pistols praised Leon’s ruling, then explained why they were co-plaintiffs against the “good reason” clause to begin with. Pink Pistols speaker Gwendolyn Patton said:

This clause was a travesty of justice from its inception. It left the free exercise of an inherent human right up to bureaucrats and police officials. If your reason to carry a gun was deemed insufficient — if, by their measure, your reason to carry a gun wasn’t good enough — they could deny you that right with the stroke of a pen and the thump of a rubber stamp. This was unacceptable to us.

In the “About Pink Pistols” section of their website, Pink Pistols explains the importance of being armed for self-defense and stresses its conviction that more gay Americans should exercise their right to keep and bear arms. The group wrote:

We teach queers to shoot. Then we teach others that we have done so. Armed queers don’t get bashed. We change the public perception of the sexual minorities, such that those who have in the past perceived them as safe targets for violence and hateful acts — beatings, assaults, rapes, murders — will realize that that [sic] now, a segment of the sexual minority population is now armed and effective with those arms. Those arms are also concealed, so they do not know which ones are safe to attack, and which are not … which they can harm as they have in the past, and which may draw a weapon and fight back.

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