Business Insider: ‘White Nostalgia’ Not Enough to Carry Trump to White House

Donald trump supporters

This article was written by Peter Grier and appeared in the Business Insider:

Can working-class whites carry Donald Trump all the way to the White House?

After all, working-class whites, particularly men, played a key role in Mr. Trump’s primary successes.

While the billionaire reality star often won pluralities across all income groups, he did best among lower-income, less educated white voters. They were the star player of his coalition team, to abuse a sports metaphor.

And now Trump appears locked into a general election strategy that hinges on his continued appeal to this group. That’s one of the implications of Trump’s continued insistence that US District Judge Gonzalo Curiel, who’s overseeing a lawsuit involving Trump University, is biased against him due to the Indiana-born judge’s Mexican heritage.

Trump’s not softening his rhetoric or turning toward the center to compete with Democrat Hillary Clinton. Instead he’s doubling down on racially tinged language. His core supporters love the way he talks, seeing it as defiance of a US culture steeped in political correctness. Why change now?

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