CO State Sen. Ted Harvey: Trump ‘Hitting Hillary Every Time She Opens Her Mouth’


Citing the GOP’s reputation for not being as aggressive as it could be in presidential elections, Colorado state Senator Ted Harvey told Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Stephen K. Bannon, “Thank God for Trump because he is not following the Republican playbook. He is hitting Hillary every time she opens her mouth.”

Harvey, who is the Chairman of, said: “It’s typical of the Republican Party. Their playbook is to be on the defensive, constantly. You look at what Romney did four years ago, he sat back on his heels and let the Democrats re-define who he was and waited until the very last minute to try to fight back and we weren’t going to do that. we were going to put Hillary on her heels and make her to continue to have to respond to all of the things that we were going to bring up.”

Harvey also applauded Trump’s willingness to hit Hillary Clinton on the scandals that he believes other Republican nominees would have ignored. “The fact that he’s bringing up Bill Clinton and his womanizing issue,” he said. “No other Republican nominee would ever have done that.”

“Trump can do it in a way that nobody else can, and it’s reminding the American public of the legacy of corruption of the Clintons,” Harvey noted. “And that’s what we have to do if we’re going to win this election. She cannot become president of the United States.”

The StopHillaryPAC website has more information on the anti-Hillary Clinton ads they’ve been running here.

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Listen to the full interview below:


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