License to Shrill: Feminists Can’t Stop Whining About Their Fake Problems

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Several years ago I read a passage in a book by feminist and lesbian author Andrea Dworkin that explained to women the widespread, physical torture women endure at the hands of patriarchy.

This included wearing earrings and girdles, painting our nails, and wearing high heels. I only wish Dworkin were still alive to see the waist-cinchers now peddled by the Kardashians!

There is an aspect of Dworkin’s radical feminism that’s missing from today’s modern feminists – consistency. She was adamantly against pornography. She also opposed President Bill Clinton and supported Paula Jones and Juanita Brodderick.

Author Maya Angelou, who many tout as a progressive and black feminist hero, once said, “I would like to be known as an intelligent woman, a courageous woman, a loving woman, a woman who teaches by being.”

I can’t help but wonder what Dworkin and Angelou would think about the trend among today’s modern day feminists who insist on defining themselves by their bodies and not their accomplishments. All they want to do is talk about their bodies but balk at anyone else commenting on them. There is an entire group of one-dimensional feminist writers and activists who have made their body their identity. I had the displeasure of hearing from many of them when I was asked to write an article for Vice’s broadly titled “Guide to Being Fat.” It wasn’t my favorite article to write, but I wanted to inject some humor and reality into a touchy subject – and reach a new audience so I could sell some books.

Recently, profiled Lindy West, who is “known for shouting her abortion, challenging rape jokes, slaying Internet trolls, fighting period stigma, championing fat acceptance, and generally being one of the most outspoken feminists on the internet today.”


It’s no surprise that those championing the “love your body” movement are usually on the left. They all seek to control language, the media, and others’ opinions. One thing I would note is that loving one’s body is at complete odds with supporting abortion. To respect women, their bodies, and their power, one must respect life.

In West’s new book, Shrill: Notes From a Loud Woman, she writes about being fat in a world that doesn’t accept her for it. Yet… she has a profile in Cosmopolitan, among many other publications. If only I had the same lack of “acceptance” as West! I suppose my book that also touched on body insecurities, and happened to be endorsed by Ann Coulter and Eric Metaxas, must have gotten misplaced at Cosmopolitan.

In her interview, West said, “I want women and fat people and any other underrepresented, marginalized person presented as a human being. As a complex, fully formed human being, and not just a placeholder or a joke.”

Yet, most women do feel like fully formed humans. While many may appreciate seeing more relatable body types on magazine covers, they don’t buy into a one-dimensional view of themselves. They have accomplishments beyond their body types – and they’re not getting recognized for them in women’s magazines. Women are thinking about more important issues – terrorism, the job market, raising children, among many other things.

Modern feminists are so self-absorbed with their own frivolous problems that they are oblivious to the real problems women are facing. They’re like the Democrats talking about climate change as a security threat when the country is under attack by illegal immigrants and radical Islamic terrorists.

Sorry Cosmopolitan, we don’t care about your self-absorbed interviews. Lindy West can talk about her right to be on magazine covers while we focus on stopping political leaders who want to take away our right to defend ourselves from real evil in the world.


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