Black Pastors Leader: Obama Has ‘Fostered a Lawless Society’

Police officers stand near the scene of where three police officers were killed this morni
Sean Gardner/Getty Images

The leader of a coalition of black pastors says the political rhetoric of President Barack Obama and his administration has caused division in America and has “fostered a lawless society.”

Rev. William Owens, President of the Coalition of African American Pastors (CAAP) tells Breitbart News the ambush attack of police officers in Baton Rouge “should not happen in America.”

“Obama and his administration have caused division in our nation and have fostered a lawless society,” he asserts.

“The divide that we are witnessing didn’t just start,” he explains. “We have a president who has divided us as a nation with his political rhetoric. In America, gays are divided against straight people, rich against poor, women against men, blacks against whites, black lives matter against police – which our president promotes.”

Owens continues:

In Baton Rouge six police officers were ambushed and three are now dead for simply doing their jobs. This should not happen in America. The attacks on police officers are terrible acts, which CAAP utterly condemns. To have taken up arms against police officers is an evil that will only bring more violence, hatred, and division upon us. If we don’t act now, we will be destroyed from within.

Owens and his coalition are urging pastors and African American leaders to take a more active role in healing divisiveness in their local communities, especially between law enforcement and citizens.

“I am deeply concerned about the lawlessness that has become commonplace in our neighborhoods,” he says. “We have a ‘spirit’ of lawlessness that has permeated every area of our civilization. President Obama opened the door with his lawless deeds by continually subverting the will of the people by using executive action to institute policies that ‘We the People’ voted against.”

Owens has publicly criticized the Obama administration’s attempt to push the radical LGBT agenda onto the country and create the narrative that the campaign for same-sex marriage is the equivalent of the civil rights movement led by Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.

He states:

President Obama did more to push the radical LGBT agenda than he did to bring healing and unity in our communities. While I don’t blame President Obama for the mentally ill people who carry out acts of terror, I do hold him accountable for setting an example as the leader of our nation by systematically acting lawlessly himself. In addition, he has not offered consistent and solid leadership in his seven plus years as commander and chief. We don’t need any more of his speeches. We need a leader. One who is accountable to “We the People.” One who is not lawless or reckless.

Owens says he is “disgusted with all of the blood shed on the streets of America.” He calls on Americans of every race, creed, culture, and background to join CAAP’s RISE network that seeks to create a new grassroots movement for faith, family, and justice.

“Let’s work together to bring healing to our nation,” Owens urges. “Let’s work together to bring back law and order, respect and common decency to our beloved America.”


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