Politichicks: ‘Clinton Cash’ Exposes Bill & Hillary’s ‘Pay-to-Play Matrix’


Pamela Anne writes at Politichicks.com that the documentary film “Clinton Cash,” based on Peter Schweizer’s bestselling book and new graphic novel of the same name, exposes Bill and Hillary Clinton’s corrupt “pay-to-play matrix.”

I had to remind myself this documentary was not about a foreign oligarch engaging in pay-to-play, but about America’s former secretary of state now running for president of the United States, bartering the welfare of our nation for personal enrichment.

Schweizer narrates the film highlighting his book’s extensively researched rise of Clintons’ accumulation of massive wealth during Hillary Clinton’s term as Sec. of State. Using casual reasoning, Schweizer links patterns of timing between financial transactions to the personal profiting of the Clintons and The Clinton Global Foundation (CGF). Questionable national policy decisions benefiting donors with contracts, coinciding with donations to CGF as well as escalating speaking fees for Bill Clinton raises a blazing red flag flying over our national interest.

The documentary reveals how a variety of partnerships from the public and private sectors of the Clintons’ CGF were granted access to lucrative natural resources in foreign countries. Clinton bartered for businesses by using praise-for-play, assigning legitimacy to the very dictatorships known for human rights violations thereby propping up the oligarchs who were enriching themselves and their cohorts while raping their nations.

Haiti’s earthquake crisis was the most heartbreaking and catastrophic example of the Clintons’ practice. A Clinton operation from the start, he navigated a nation’s disaster into projects that benefited those in his sphere of influence. Bad decisions were made for the Haitians while putting money in his partnerships’ pockets.

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Watch the “Clinton Cash” trailer below:


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