Paul Nehlen TV Ad Features Victim of Paul Ryan’s Open Borders Immigration Agenda

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Kenosha, WI — Paul Nehlen’s campaign has launched a one-minute television ad featuring one of the American victims of House Speaker Paul Ryan’s open borders immigration agenda.

The ad contains footage from a Saturday press conference that four “angel moms,” whose children were murdered by illegal aliens, held in front of Ryan’s personal border wall.

During the press event, the mothers endorsed Nehlen in his August 9 primary election to unseat Ryan.

The television ad, entitled “Lost Son,” features Julie Golvach, whose 25 year-old son, Spencer, was shot in the head by an illegal criminal alien. Her son’s killer had previously been deported four times and was a known gang member who had served time in prison.

In a press release announcing the release of the ad, Nehlen’s campaign notes that Ryan has repeatedly ignored these American families who have been victimized by his open borders immigration policies:

Disturbingly, [on Saturday,] as the mothers tried to approach Ryan, the House Speaker– who was just feet away from the mothers– cowered and fled, unwilling to face the mothers who have had to bury their sons and daughters as a result of our porous borders.

In a letter they tried to deliver to Speaker Ryan, which they titled “A Message to Paul Ryan from the American Victims of Your Immigration Policies,” the mothers write that Ryan “has a two decade history of pushing for open borders”:

Whereas Paul Ryan has fought valiantly on issues sought by corporate special interests (such as the TPP), but has refused to make any similar public appeal on behalf of the American victims of illegal alien crime.


Paul Ryan is personally responsible for the deaths, maimings, and sexual assaults of thousands of innocent Americans and lawful residents.

The angel moms say that they deem Ryan “disqualified from serving in Congress or any other position of public office that is supposed to represent the American people.” They add, “We could have been spared [from our loss] had Paul Ryan only cared as much about us as he cares about his donors.”

“These mothers and their children are victims of Paul Ryan’s reckless support for open-borders,” Nehlen writes in a statement. “Paul Ryan has spent his entire career pushing immigration policies that go against the interest of the American people.”

“When was the last time Speaker Ryan put the people of Wisconsin above his wealthy Washington, D.C., donors? When was the last time Paul Ryan worked against the special interests intent on flooding the jobs market with cheap foreign labor?” Nehlen asks. He continues:

Instead, Paul Ryan works against the safety and security and economic well-being of Wisconsin so his wealthy donors can line their pockets with cheap labor. It’s time Wisconsin had a representative who worked as hard for the everyday Wisconsin workers as Ryan works for corporate America.

A transcript of the television is below:

Julie Golvach: Paul Ryan’s home behind me has a fence. He has security. He has everything to make sure that his three children are safe. I deserve the same thing. I deserved the same thing, and so do all of you. This should not happen.

Before my son was born, I wrote in his baby book, and I said this to him throughout his life and on his birthday. I would change it by adding in his year. I would tell him, “Did I ever tell you that out of all the children in the world, you’re the one I would have picked?” And I deserved to have him at the end of my life sitting next to me, and Paul Ryan and other politicians, they don’t think the border is worth it: this is the loss, and I hope that they don’t have the same experience I have because I hope that they will change their minds and start securing the border.

So I’m just asking as you look to vote this year, that you look at Paul Nehlen. He is going to enforce our borders.


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