Leaders of House Freedom Caucus Decline To Endorse Paul Ryan

House Speaker Paul Ryan of Wis., speaks during a breakfast with Pennsylvania delegates during the Republican National Convention on, Monday, July 18, 2016, in Westlake, Ohio. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)
AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Janesville, WI–  Not a single member of House Freedom Caucus leadership opted to endorse House Speaker Paul Ryan in his contentious August 9 primary race against Wisconsin businessman Paul Nehlen.

Breitbart News reached out to House Freedom Caucus leadership board members and caucus spokesmen including Reps. Jim Jordan, Mick Mulvaney, Mark Meadows, Steve Pearce, Jeff Duncan, John Fleming, Matt Salmon, Scott Garrett, and Raul Labrador.

Breitbart News asked the members multiple times whether they planned to make an endorsement in the race. Not a single member chose to endorse Ryan.

The members’ decision not to endorse Ryan comes on the heels of Republican Party nominee Donald Trump’s announcement, in an interview with The Washington Post, that he would not immediately endorse Ryan.

After members of the Freedom Caucus voted for Ryan as Speaker last year, prominent conservatives and grassroots activists slammed the members for their “betrayal” of the Republican electorate.

“Paul Ryan is the new Cantor in terms of moving the donor agenda,” Rush Limbaugh said after the Freedom Caucus helped elect Speaker Ryan.

Indeed, after the Freedom Caucus helped install Ryan as House Speaker, Ryan voted to fund Planned Parenthood, sanctuary cities, executive amnesty, and President Obama’s refugee resettlement operation. Paul Ryan also busted the budget caps and pushed through the Puerto Rico bailout.

As conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly recently explained, Paul Ryan, who champions the “America Last, donor class agenda,” finds himself on the opposite side of the Republican electorate on some of the most critical issues facing the country today—including trade and immigration.

Schlafly has called on the American electorate to “get rid” of Speaker Ryan, explaining that Ryan has proven himself that he is “not really for America” and is “not for American citizens.”

According to Pew polling data, 92 percent of the Republican electorate wants to see immigration levels frozen or reduced, and oppose Ryan’s plan to increase immigration.

Similarly, according to Pew polling data, only a vanishing 11 percent of the Republicans believe that the so-called “free trade” deals, which Paul Ryan has championed, raise wages.

Indeed, on issues of foreign trade, foreign migration and foreign wars, Paul Ryan aligns much more closely to Hillary Clinton than he does to the Republican Party’s standard-bearer.

Paul Nehlen has said that his primary race represents a fight between the American people and the globalist donors who control Ryan. “This election is now frontline between the American people and the corporate interests who want to rule over us,” Nehlen said.

“Paul Ryan has betrayed the people of this country in every possible way, and at every possibility opportunity available to him,” Nehlen said.

He betrayed us on immigration. Ryan has pushed his radical refugee plan that drives down wages for American workers and endangers our safety… Paul Ryan betrayed us on trade—pushing policies that shutter Wisconsin factories and ship our jobs overseas. Paul Ryan betrayed us on spending. He betrayed us on the budget. He’s betrayed with his “jail break” crime agenda that he plans to bring up for a vote immediately after this election Paul Ryan is a soulless globalist— a man who is callous to the suffering of the American people. A man who ignores, and even flees from, grieving mothers who just want their Speaker to listen.

In his Wednesday press conference, Nehlen laid out what he thinks is at stake in his August 9 primary:

A Paul Ryan win means TPP and the death of American sovereignty.

A Paul Ryan win means guaranteed, nation-ending amnesty in 2017.

A Paul Ryan win means sanctuary cities and uncontrolled refugee admissions.

A Paul Ryan win means immigrant and black communities will remain stuck in poverty.

A Paul Ryan win means crime goes up, wages go down, sovereignty vanishes, schools suffer, and the life of this country is squeezed out of it.

We lose our culture, our pride, our purpose, and become a nation ruled by corporations, faceless bureaucrats, and transnational special interest.

Wisconsin workers will continue to watch as our factories are shut down, stripped bare, and our jobs are sent overseas thousands of miles away.

We will watch as the workforce in other countries and as foreign factories and foreign wages benefit, while our American wages are driven down.

American workers will be deprived of heart and home and hope.

We will watch as the dreams and aspirations of everyday Americans become smaller and smaller, as the profits for special interests get bigger and bigger.

We will live in a world in which instead of succeeding as one people and one nation under one flag, we are torn apart and torn asunder by the policies of a House Speaker who recognizes a person’s worth according to their spot in a rolodex and not by the very fact of their membership as a citizen of our great nation.


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