Reporter Forced Off Milwaukee Streets: Protesters Too Hostile to Whites


An independent journalist has quit reporting from Milwaukee, saying that the situation is too dangerous for anyone who looks like a white person to be walking the streets.

“For those that are perceivably white, it is just not safe to be here … that’s why I’m deciding to leave,” reporter Tim Pool said in a video. He posted the video to his Youtube page to inform fans that he was pulling out of Milwaukee because the rioters have targeted white people for attacks.

Pool, an award winning reporter who gained notice by his coverage of the Occupy Wall Street protests in Chicago back in 2011, said even though he is not strictly white, he said he felt in danger as the protests morphed from a complaint over a police shooting to an excuse to attack white people simply for being white.

Wearing his signature pullover ski cap, the reporter told his viewers that he became too frightened for his personal safety after seeing an 18-year-old white kid being “shot in the neck” as rioters screamed for whites to be targeted.

Pool insisted he understood the anger of the crowd. “These locals are angry and they’re angry for a reason,” he said. “But things started to get really tense later in the night when people started screaming ‘f**k white people,’ ‘white people suck,'” Pool said before describing several incidents where rioters were angrily egging on their fellows to attack both white people and reporters.

The young reporter went on to stress that it “isn’t every protester” actively calling for such violence but he is still leaving the city.  “For those that are perceivably white, it is just not safe to be here. And that’s why I’m deciding to leave,” he said.

“For those that are wondering, I’m actually Korean,” Pool added, “I’m mixed [race], but, you know, most people down here, you know, when I was covering this didn’t, they don’t make that conclusion, they just looked at me and they start saying things about white people … but when you hear a group directing their anger and hate towards white people, and seeing several white people be attacked, and then finally an 18-year-old white kid is shot in the neck, that’s when I’m like, ‘OK, I shouldn’t be here,’ right?”

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