Donald Trump’s Florida Rally: Gay Speaker Slams Obama on Guns, Radical Islam


Former Orlando mayoral candidate Randy Ross lambasted President Barack Obama’s attempt to blame guns for the Orlando terror attack instead of blaming radical Islam.

“While victims were in the hospital, families were grieving, funeral arrangement were being made for the victims, our city mourning, [Obama] turned the conversation into one of gun control” said Ross, a gay speaker who was speaking at Donald Trump’s Aug. 11 rally in Kissimmee, Florida.

According to the Advocate, Ross said Obama’s speech wrongly switched the emphasis from the threat of radical Islam to a plea for more gun control for law-abiding citizens.

“The death of 49 innocent people was an attack on the gay community, it was an attack on the Hispanic community, but moreover, it was an attack on Americans,” said Ross.

Ross asserted:

President Obama, guns are not the problem. Box-cutters are not the problem. Box trucks are not the problem, pressure cookers are not the problem. The problem can be summed up in three words he seems to not be willing to say: radical Islamic terrorism.

Breitbart News reported that Democrats in the Senate also blamed guns in the days after weeks after the Orlando attack. Senate Democrats pushed four gun control bills in the aftermath of Orlando attack, all four of which were voted down on June 20.

But Trump moved in the opposition direction.

Days after the Orlando attack, Trump responded by pointing out that the nightclub was a gun-free zone that “was full of innocent people and you had no guns on the other side.”

“If some of those great people that were in that club that night had guns strapped to their waist or strapped to their ankle–and if bullets were going in the other direction, aimed at that guy [for whom this was just] target practice–you would had a situation which would have always horrible, but nothing like the carnage that we as a people suffered this weekend,” he said.

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