If Hillary Wins: Bill to Exit Foundation, Promises No More Paid Speeches, Will Host Final CGI Awards

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The shakeup at the Clinton Foundation intensified Thursday after Bill Clinton told a room full of the foundation’s staff that he will resign from the Clinton Foundation board if Hillary Clinton wins the White House in November.

Bill Clinton also said, according to CNN, that he plans stop giving paid speeches and said next month’s star-studded Clinton Global Initiative annual meeting will be the organization’s final confab, regardless of the outcome of Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid.

Clinton and his family foundation’s decisions come as the New York City-based charity finds itself consumed by scandals involving top aids to then-Secretary of State Clinton offering preferential treatment to million-dollar Clinton Foundation donors when she was the head of the State Department.

The apparent global nexus of influence peddling at the Clinton Foundation has been documented by establishment media for more than a year, thanks to research that first appeared in The New York Times bestselling book Clinton Cash, authored by Breitbart News Senior Editor-at-Large Peter Schweizer.

Questioning the Clinton Foundation’s peculiar timing, Schweizer noted: “The new pledge is a stunning tacit admission of wrongdoing, but it comes too little too late and raises the obvious question: If it would be wrong for Hillary’s foundation to accept foreign cash as president, why wasn’t it wrong for Hillary’s foundation to accept foreign cash from oligarchs and countries who had business pending on her desk as Sec. of State?”

“Moreover, if, as has been confirmed by numerous mainstream media organizations, Hillary Clinton violated her ethics pledge with the Obama administration to disclose all Clinton Foundation donations, why should the American people believe she would now honor a new pledge to forgo bagging cash from foreign oligarchs and countries?” Schweizer wrote on Thursday.

The announcement follows former Democratic Pennsylvania Governor and longtime Clinton supporter Ed Rendell’s remarks that the foundation should shutdown if Hillary Clinton became president.

“I definitely think if she wins the presidency, they have to disband it. I know it’ll be hard for President (Bill) Clinton because he cares very deeply about what the foundation has done,” Rendell told the New York Daily News. “It’d be impossible to keep the foundation open without at least the appearance of a problem.”

The Clinton Foundation’s decision to shut the spigot on foreign money and Bill Clinton’s promise — should Hillary win — to cease giving paid speeches and exit his foundation comes on the heels of news that the Clinton Foundation has been rocked by fears that its internal servers may have been compromised by hackers.

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