Hillary Clinton Ad Suggests Donald Trump Will Launch Nukes As President

white house hillary ad

The latest ad from Hillary Clinton’s campaign suggests that, if elected, Donald Trump might launch nuclear weapons because he lacks the experience and temperament to be president.

“In times of crisis, America depends on steady leadership, clear thinking, and calm judgement,” the narrator says. “Because all it takes is one wrong move.”

“Just one,” the narrator says as the sound effect of launching a dropping bomb plays.

The ad features an ominous soundtrack highlighting Trump telling supporters that he plans to “bomb the shit out” of ISIS and knows more about ISIS than the generals.

The ad claims Trump told ISIS to “go f*ck themselves” when actually Trump never said the F-word during a rally where he criticized businesses leaving the United States.

The strategy from the Clinton campaign is familiar. During the 2008 Democratic primary fight with President Obama, Clinton released an ad questioning whether the young senator would have the experience necessary to keep the country safe when the phone rang at 3 a.m.


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