White House: Obama Was Focused on Louisiana Flooding During His Vacation

Obama Focused on Golf AP

Back at the White House, Obama administration officials insisted that President Barack Obama was focused on the Louisiana flood victims while on vacation.

“I can tell you what the president’s been focused on — is the response on the ground and the people whose lives in Louisiana have been turned upside-down by this terrible flooding event,” White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said during today’s White House press briefing

Earnest denied that President Barack Obama’s decision to visit flood victims in Louisiana was prompted by Donald Trump’s visit on Friday.

“Did the White House schedule the trip in response to Donald Trump’s visit?” asked a reporter.

“Of course not,” Earnest replied.

The president did not interrupt his 16 day vacation to visit Louisiana after it was hit by historic flooding but made phone calls to federal officials in between his golf outings.

When asked by a reporter if anyone had advised Obama against golfing on Friday, Earnest replied that the was not aware of any such advice.

“The president was focused on the federal response,” Earnest insisted.

Any criticism of the president, Earnest suggested was merely “optics” and not about the actual response from the federal government.

“The president has been focused on the response, and not frankly as concerned with the optics that all of you seem to be,” Earnest said, pointing to reporters.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump visited the state on Friday before the White House press office sent out a statement just hours later to reporters announcing Obama’s plans to visit the state on Tuesday.


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