Texas School Sign: Armed Staff ‘May Use Whatever Force Necessary’ to Protect Students

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A new sign posted outside the school building in Claude, Texas, gives criminals advance warning that the staff is armed and “may use whatever force necessary to protect… students.”

The sign is positioned so that anyone entering the school has to pass it, thereby getting a clear message that the teachers inside are not trapped in a gun-free environment like we tragically witnessed at Virginia Tech University, Sandy Hook Elementary, and Umpqua Community College.

According to News Channel 10, an unambiguous message is emblazoned on the sign in “big red print”: ATTENTION: PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THE STAFF AT CLAUDE ISD IS ARMED AND MAY USE WHATEVER FORCE NECESSARY TO PROTECT OUR STUDENTS.

Claude superintendent Jeff Byrd indicated, “the safety of the children is the reason why the school decided to put up the sign and allow campus carry for the staff.” He views armed teachers as a proactive way of handling school shootings — a way that may actually prevent such events from occurring.

Byrd said:

Statistics will show that most of the shootings that have occurred in public school have been some what a copycat situation. The goal of the perpetrators is to out-do the last shooting and statistics have shown people with warning signs are being proactive and preventative, the only reason the sign is there is to prevent somebody from coming in.

Claude is located roughly 30 miles east of Amarillo and about one hour and ten minutes west of Shamrock. In October 2013, Breitbart News reported that Shamrock placed signs outside its school building warning that its staff was armed and would also use “whatever force… necessary” to protect the students there.

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