Illegal Alien Charged for Assault, Attempted Rape of Disabled Woman

Angel Saul Perez Castro

An illegal alien from Guatemala is charged with assault with intent to rape, and assault and battery on a disabled person, after police say he knocked down and tried to rape a disabled Boston woman in her fifties.

The victim was out for a walk when Angel Saul Perez Castro, 22, allegedly began to follow her:

In his interview with officers, Perez Castro told police he had gone to Cumberland Farms, had left his bicycle outside the Dunkin’ Donuts, and began following the woman on foot because he thought she might have “needed help.” The victim told police she suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and other issues, and the assault and battery charge filed against Perez Castro notes that the attack was on a person with disabilities.

Perez Castro told police he tried to speak with the woman, but she told him to “shut up.” He told them he then tried to offer her $5 to “help,” but that she pushed him away. At that point, he said, he became angry and pushed her back, throwing her to the ground.

He admitted to police that he “attempted to pull down her underpants.” He added, however, that was because he was “curious” and he said he “didn’t intend to have sex with her.” As she began screaming, he told police, he ran back to the Dunkin’ Donuts to get his bike and fled.

The woman sustained injuries that police described as “minor scrapes” in the attack, according to Mahoney’s report. She refused medical attention at the scene. The victim told officers the next day she was “sore, stressed and a little afraid, but that she would be OK,” the report indicated.

“She said she was knocked to the ground and someone basically seemed like they were trying to rip off her clothes. After she started screaming, the person just took off,” a nearby homeowner who heard the victim’s screams said, adding she was “shaken and distraught” when he saw her.

Castro is being held without bail. The national press has ignored the story and local news stations covering the attack identify Castro simply as “man” or “suspect.”

How Castro arrived in the U.S. is not clear, but since 2014, the Obama administration has encouraged a massive surge of illegal migration from violent and poor Central American countries, allowing 400,000 illegal aliens from to pour into the U.S. since 2012.

The Obama administration is also importing illegal aliens directly from Central America into the country and releasing them into the care of other illegal aliens who broke into the country. Each “unaccompanied minor” costs American taxpayers over $17,000.


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