Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin: ‘Be Bold! America Is Worth Fighting For!’

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin attempts to make a point with the audience at the Fancy Farm Picnic, Saturday, Aug. 6, 2016 in Fancy Farm Ky. (AP Photo/Timothy D. Easley)

At the Values Voter Summit Saturday, Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin urged young Americans especially to “be bold” and to avoid the temptation to be silent in the face of leftwing ideologues attempting to remake America.

Bevin said the nation no longer has “multiple options,” and that America is at a fork in the road.

“We’re going one way or we’re going the other way, politically, spiritually, morally, economically,” he said, adding that much of the burden to redirect America on a path to liberty will be on young people.

“I would encourage you – be informed – knowledge is power,” the Republican governor said, calling upon his listeners to use their knowledge to challenge the ideology of the left wherever it rears its head in their lives.

“Be bold – there’s enough Neville Chamberlains in the world, be a Winston Churchill, for crying out loud!” he urged. “There are quite enough sheep already – be a shepherd, be somebody who’s bold and who leads.”

Bevin said many people wonder how America has fallen so fast. He responds that evil prevails because “good men do nothing,” and reminded his listeners that America and its freedoms were “purchased at an extraordinary price.”

“Look at the degradation of things that are happening in our society,” he asserted. “Look at the atrocity of abortion – so many have remained silent.”

“It’s a slippery slope,” he continued. “First, we’re killing children, then it’s ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell,’ now it’s this gender-bending kind of ‘don’t be a bigot,’ ‘don’t be unreasonable,’ ‘don’t be unenlightened.’”

“Don’t keep your mouth shut!” Bevin urged, adding, “America is worth fighting for!”

“I want us to be able to fight ideologically, mentally, spiritually, economically, so that we don’t have to do it physically,” he said. “But that may, in fact, be the case.”

Bevin said America didn’t happen “by accident” and taking America back may come at a great price. He continued:

Whose blood will be shed? It may be that of those in this room. It might be that of our children and grandchildren. I have nine children. It breaks my heart to think that it might be their blood is needed to redeem something, to reclaim something that we, through our apathy and our indifference, have given away. Don’t let it happen.

Bevin said the founding fathers’ sacrifice of their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor “wasn’t a bumper sticker.” He asked his listeners how badly they wanted to take America back:

Do you want it as badly as the people who came here on rickety boats, risking their lives for the very freedoms we so apathetically disregard and take for granted? Do you want it as badly as the men who, in the winter of 1776 if they were lucky enough to even own shoes, ate their shoes to keep from starving to death? Do you want it that badly?

“I’ll tell you if we don’t want it that badly, we don’t deserve it, it’s as simple as that,” Bevin said. “Who are we to think that our generation is going to be the first generation to benefit from all the sacrifices that others have made without giving some modern-day equivalent of our own lives, fortunes, and sacred honor?”


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