Federal Gov’t Says Hackers Probe 20 States’ Electronic Voting Systems


The Department of Homeland Security says computer hackers have attempted to break into parts of the computerized voting systems in more than 20 states.

Hackers probed nearly two-dozen state voting systems in an act officials are calling a “probing of concern,”an DHS official told Politico.

Officials say computer networks are constantly being probed by hackers, but the recent attacks are of a much more concerted nature.”It’s reached a threshold of some concern,” the official told the online news outlet.

DHS has offered to help the states monitor their systems for hackers and are providing Attorney Generals with digital scans of their voting systems.

Some lawmakers are blaming Russia for the hacks, but no solid proof of the allegation has been produced by the federal government.

Recently Professor John F. Banzhaf, III, warned that the 2016 election is ripe for being hacked by foreign powers.

A “claim that the 2016 presidential election could be rigged is all too true,” Banzhaf wrote at Breitbart last month, “and there’s a growing recognition from many different segments of the political spectrum that the winner could be decided by a small group of hackers, perhaps working for a foreign power.”

“Today what’s even more scary is that a hacker with malware can steal more votes than a corrupt mayor or governor,” Banzhaf added.

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