Mike Pence: ‘Hillary Clinton Is the Architect of Barack Obama’s Foreign Policy’

AP Photo
AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais, File

Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence slammed Hillary Clinton as the “architect” of the Obama administration’s foreign policy on Friday, saying the two made the Middle East unrecognizable in less than a decade.

Pence said in Fort Wayne, Indiana:

After seven and a half years, Barack Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s policies have weakened America’s place in the world and emboldened the enemies of this country. Terrorist attacks at home and abroad, attempted coup among allies — I mean, if you looked at a picture of a map of the wider Middle East the day Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton took over American foreign policy, and you took a picture of a map today, it wouldn’t even look like the same part of the world.

“You know, this teaches us that weakness arouses evil. And I would submit to you, my fellow Hoosiers, that Hillary Clinton, the architect of Barack Obama’s foreign policy, that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama’s foreign policy have been leading from behind, moving red lines, feigning resets with Russia, and paying ransom to terrorist-sponsoring states,” Pence continued. “That is the very image of weakness on the world stage.”

“Let me make you a promise: When Donald Trump becomes President of the United States, we won’t be paying ransom to terrorists or terrorist-sponsoring states,” he said to applause. “They’ll be paying a price. They’ll be paying a price if they threaten the American people, or they threaten our allies.”

Pence added he’s looking forward to exposing Clinton’s record during Tuesday night’s vice presidential debate.


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