Hillary Clinton Supporters Shove Bill Clinton Rape Protester

TOPSHOT - Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton (R) and Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump participate in a town hall debate at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, on October 9, 2016. / AFP / POOL / RICK WILKING (Photo credit should read RICK WILKING/AFP/Getty Images)

Hillary Clinton was interrupted again by a protester adding to the throng of Americans trying to remind the country of her husband Bill Clinton’s history of sexual assault and her history of trying to cover it up.

A black American in the backdrop of Hillary’s event in Detroit Michigan sparked attention after he pulled off his shirt to reveal a Bill Clinton “RAPE” t-shirt underneath.

The man was booed and pushed by Hillary supporters as Clinton turned to see what was causing the disturbance.

He was escorted out of the VIP area, but not before cameras caught his appearance.

After laughing, Clinton made a hesitating noise before responding.


“I do hope somebody follows that gentleman out and stages an intervention,” she said. “He clearly has not been following this election very closely.”



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