Exclusive–Rep. Blackburn: Women Should Know Hillary Clinton Paid Women Less than Men for Same Jobs

Women for Hillary Patrick SemanskyAP
Patrick Semansky/AP

A Tennessee congresswoman told Breitbart News Saturday she is frustrated more Americans, especially women, are not aware that Democratic nominee for president Hillary R. Clinton has not practiced equal pay for equal work.

“I would tell them to look at the facts,” said Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R.-Tenn.), who sits on the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

Blackburn said she met a young, female Clinton supporter, who told her that she was voting for the former first lady because she supports pay equality based on gender.

“It is so interesting because I asked her if she had ever looked at how Hillary Clinton paid her own staff when she was in the Senate or if she had looked at what she paid at the Clinton Foundation and she had not,” she said.

The congresswoman told the Clinton supporter that Clinton had paid women less than men for equal job assignments.

These pay differences are documented in a report in LifeZette.

“You know, I also told her the way to be certain you’re going to get paid more or equal to, based on your performance, is to show up and to work hard,” she said. “Prove your point. Go in there and be aggressive.”

Blackburn said a way to help women is for corporations to have more women on their boards of directors.

Women serving at the top levels of corporate governance would serve as watchdogs to make sure gender equality was practiced, she said.

The congresswoman said her own experience in the private sector taught her that there is no magic wand that fixes problems–as people who have never worked in private business seem to believe.

All women should be active in changing the workplace culture, so that women are treated fairly, she said.

“Be your own best advocate,” she said. “We have to do this by doing the heavy lift.”


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